(Vehicles, Boats and Devices with internal combustion engines or traction batteries – Radio Disturbance Characteristics – Limits and Methods of Measurements for the protection of Off-Board Receivers) 

About CISPR 12

CISPR 12 is an international standard that contains limits and procedures for the measurement of radio disturbances in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz. The limits in this standard are designed to provide protection for broadcast receivers in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1 000 MHz when used in the residential environment. Compliance with this standard may not provide adequate protection for new types of radio transmissions or receivers used in the residential environment nearer than 10 m to the vehicle, boat or device.

Title of current verion of CISPR 12 is Vehicles, boats and internal combustion engines – Radio disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement for the protection of off-board receivers

CISPR 12 is published by IEC and recent version is applied for product compliance. All versions are listed here:

Publication Edition Publication Date
CISPR 12:1975 1.0 1975
CISPR 12:1978 2.0 1978
CISPR 12:1978/AMD1:1986 2.0 1986
CISPR 12:1990 3.0 1990
CISPR 12:1997 4.0 1997
CISPR 12:2001 5.0 2001
CISPR 12:2001/AMD1:2005 5.0 2001
CISPR 12:2001+AMD1:2005 CSV 5.1 2001
CISPR 12:2007/AMD1:2009 6.0 2009
CISPR 12:2007+AMD1:2009 CSV 6.1 2009
CISPR 12:2023 (Not Published Yet) 7.0 22 March 2023 (forecast publication date)

Current version of CISPR 12 is 6.1 (CISPR 12:2007+A1:2009) and it is expected to be replaced by Edition 7.0 soon. Draft version of CISPR 12:2023 is still under review and IEC committee is working on it. Forecast publication date of new version is 22 March 2023. Untill that date, Edition 6.1 will be used for testing vehicles, boats and internal combustion engines.

About CISPR 12:2023 (Edition 7.0)

CISPR 12 update is soon. Electric Vehicles will be in the new version of this EMC standard. New CISPR 12 (Edition 7.0) is expected to be published on March  2023. When compared to previous edition 6.1, new edition (7.0) is expected to be  
*Adding test setups for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in charging mode
*Adding antenna positions relative to the vehicle
*Removing some statements dealing with series surveillance and type approval
*Adding annexes for measurement instrumentation uncertainty
*Adding an annex describing networks to be used for the charging mode

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