What is Comb Generator?

A comb generator is a kind of signal generator that produces reference signals in a limited frequency band. The appearance of the output signals seen on spectrum analyser are like teeth of a comb which gave the device its name.

Direct Output Power of a Comb Generator

Why Comb Generators are used?

EMC test sites such as OATS (Open Area Test Sites) or anechoic chambers are constructed with specific requirements and are calibrated in a precise manner to optimize the reliability of the emissions measurements. However, in some cases, unexpected measurements can occur. It is important to find the cause for such inconsistency. This is generally a very time consuming and difficult process because the reason could be one of four complex factors: Test Site (OATS, FAC, SAC or Screened Room), Equipment Under test (EUT), Instrumentation and Test personnel.
Each of these factors may have many possible causes. The EUT, for example, may have changed due to component variation, temperature, operating mode, wear and tear, design, etc. Such cases could be discovered easily by using reference sources like comb generators. You can save time if you use comb generator.

Another reason for using comb generators is to validate your emission measurements quickly. You have also provided an evidence for your quality process or accreditation requirements.

How many types of comb generators exist?

There are two types of comb generators when compared applications.

1) Conducted : The Conducted Comb Generators are conducted signal sources designed to produce signals over wide frequency range. They are used to verify conducted emissions test setup. Performance of LISNs (Line Impedance Stabilization Networks) or measurement devices can be verified. They are designed for use in EMC/EMI testing laboratories. This type of comb generators have an output connector which can be connected to measurement device or LISN.

comb generator
Comb Generator for Conducted Reference Source (100 kHz – 115 MHz)

2) Radiated: This type of Comb Generators are intentional radiators designed to produce signals over a wide frequency range. They are designed for use in EMC/EMI testing laboratories to verify operation of test sites (FAC, SAC, OATS) and measurement equipments. Comb Generators for radiated measurements have two different types according to their antenna type. They have either integral antennas mounted on them or external antennas which can be connected/disconnected.

comb generator
Comb Generator (1 MHz – 1.5 GHz)

How to choose right comb generator for your application?

Before buying an comb generator you have to define the fundamental parameters of the comb generator you need:

  • Type of Comb Generator (Conducted/Radiated)
  • Frequency range
  • Output connector (BNC/N/SMA or any other)
  • Battery type (with or without charger)
  • Warranty period

Do you need a comb generator?

Testups can provide you a comb generator according to your requirements. Contact us and get your quote for comb generator.