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Explosive or hazardous area industries do require full compliance to explosion protection. In any possible hazardous area environment all activities shall be related to pre-defined responsibilities of explosion protection.

Final responsibility is always with the ownership and all on site are in charge for keeping up the integrity of explosion protection. Design, specification, installation, commissioning, inspection, operation, maintenance and repair shall follow up the specifications given by hazardous area classification which shall be driven by technology as a good basis.

If you ignore some part of your facility, equipment, staff, this may cause serious safety risks. If an explosion occurs, owner of that facility is the responsible.

Lastly, there was an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Even the local government is investigating the reasons of failure, the main reason is not taking mandatory safety precautions since the facility is an explosive or hazardous area.

An Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

CFAC is a methodology with focus on hazardous area compliance related to real time operation. ComplEx Facilities of hazardous area industries have a great potential risk. This risk shall be supported by all related actions, with our notified body partners and experts, it is all of our aim here to increase the level of safety.

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