Transient Pulse Generators (capable of limited testing for RTCA DO-160, Section 22 )

Are you looking for a Transient Pulse Generator for RTCA DO-160 Section 22 tests? We are offering transient pulse generators for your EMC test laboratory. Perform limited Section 22 tests by transient pulse generators we offer. 
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RTCA DO-160 Transient Pulse Generators

We are offering two models of transient pulse generators for Section 22 tests. The 9354-1 and 9354-2 Transient Generators were especially designed for the performance of a variety of pulse susceptibility tests on subsystems and/or equipment. It is capable of limited testing for RTCA DO-160D, Section 22.

The 9354-1 and 9354-2 Transient Generators provide nine selectable waveforms, including six damped sinusoidal pulses:

10 kHz, 100 kHz, 1 MHz, 10 MHz, 30 MHz, and 100 MHz

and three double exponential pulses (6.4 µS, 70 µS, 500 µS on 9354-1. The 9354-2 also has three double exponential pulses (6.4 µS, 70 µS, and 120 µS).


Download datasheet for the models 9354-1 and 9354-2

RTCA DO-160, Section 22 Transient Pulse Generators

Perform Section 22 tests with limited capability of RTCA DO-160 Transient Pulse Generators

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