Do you need EMC testing service from an accredited laboratory?

Or do you need EMC training service at laboratory environment?

Turkey is one of the options for you as to get laboratory testing service or training location. As Testups, we are collaborating with accredited test laboratories in Turkey to offer product testing, certification services. In addition, you can have EMC training services including standard and practical training.

Electromagnetic Compatibility testing services for various product groups (consumer electronics, medical, machinery, radio devices, automotive) are under IEC/ISO/EN 17025 accreditation scope.

Electromagnetic Compatibility training and courses for technicians, engineers, quality staff at accredited EMC laboratory.

Electromagnetic Compatibility calibration services for EMC test instruments at accredited calibration laboratory.

You can have any of above services from our partner test, training, calibration laboratories in Turkey. Contact us, send your requirements, and get your quote. 

What are the benefits of having EMC testing, calibration or training services from Turkey?

  • Lower costs

  • Fast services

  • Expertise in EMC

How Testups will help you?

  • Meet you with EMC test labs in Turkey

  • Meet you with EMC test experts in Turkey

    • Assist you for local issues in Turkey (temporary importing of test samples, arranging shipments of samples, arranging testing and training schedules, accommodation, invitation letters and so on…) with Testups Turkey

    • One stop solution for EMC testing services and EMC training services

    Do you need any EMC testing, calibration or training service?

    We are offering

    * EMC Testing Services (pre-compliance, full-compliance, accredited)

    * EMC Training Services (online, on-site, at laboratory) 

    * EMC Calibration Services (calibration of EMI Receivers, LISNs, ESD Generators, Spectrum Analyzers…)