Most of the electrical products need EMC testing according to national and international regulations and directives. In Europe, for CE marking of IT equipments and radio equipments EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU are used. Under these directives, immunity test standard CISPR 24 or EN 55024 has an essential role.

EN 55024 is still used and valid as listed on Official Journal of European Union. However, new immunity standard CISPR 35 (EN 55035) has been also published on the same Official Journal. CISPR 35 and EN 55035 is replacing CISPR 24 and EN 55024. However the exact date is still not announced by European Commission of EU, CISPR 35 and EN 55035 are applicable standards since they are published.

If you are a product designer, manufacturer, importer or exporter, you have to be aware of this change and prepare from now. Are you ready for this standard change? For now, both EN 55024 and EN 55035 are on the Official Journal of EU. After a while, when announced, EN 55024 will be cancelled and only EN 55035 will be used as an immunity test standard. After that date, you have to update your

EMC Test Reports,

Technical File and

Declaration of Conformity (DoC) files.

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