Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) testing is one of the EMC tests and it has an old history. You can read this article if you wonder the history of it: A Brief History of Electrostatic Discharge Testing of Electronic Products

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) tests are used to verify complete systems and duplicate disturbances in installations. These tests contribute to identify immunity failures caused by bad cabling or system composition, as well as grounding problems.

ESD Testing

ESD testing is performed by ESD generators. They can be named as simulators or guns since their shape is like a gun. ESD guns have different versions according to their maximum voltage levels like 15kV, 16kV, 30kV or more.

Typical ESD Gun

Specifications of ESD generators or guns are given on the standards published by IEC or CISPR. In order to perform fully compliance ESD testing, the output signal and waveform of the ESD gun shall be verified. This verification can be done by manufacturer of the device or a third party calibration laboratory. There are also some verification methods that can be done by end-users. For this, self-calibration (end-user calibration) you have to get additional options like verification kits.

For compliance testing, ESD guns shall fulfil the requirements of all major ESD standards. Such guns are also essential for reproducibility of tests. A With different network modules, ESD guns can be applied according to various ESD test standards like IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605.

For pre-compliance testing, some deviations can be ignored. Researchers or product developers may prefer such guns to minimize costs. ESD guns, for pre-compliance testing, are generally cheaper than the full-compliant ones.

ESD guns are portable generators and easy to use while testing. An office space can be used as an ESD testing environment, provided that external electromagnetic effects are minimised and required groundings are done.

ESD guns are composed of these parts:

  • Generator
  • Power Supply Cable (For AC supplied ESD guns)
  • Charger (For DC supplied ESD guns)
  • Contact Tip (for contact discharges)
  • Air Tip (for air discharges)
  • RC Network (Fixed or User Changeable)
Typical Components of an ESD gun or simulator

Additional options like 30 kV AD Tip, Fast Rise Time Tip, Horizontal Coupling Plane (HCP), Vertical Coupling Plane (VCP), Test Table, Remote Control Software, Accredited Calibration are also offered by manufacturers of ESD guns.

Air Discharge (with Air Discharge Tip)

We are offering both new and used ESD guns. Used ESD guns may also be verified by third party calibration labs.

Are you a manufacturer and want to perform your own ESD tests at your own facility? Do you want to build a new laboratory? Or are you a product designer and do you want to verify your products prior to certification? ESD guns will probably save time for you. You will have opportunity to perform ESD tests and save time. Contact us and get your quote according to your requirements. Define your standards and maximum voltage level of your ESD gun and then let us know. We will quote according to your specifications.

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