Radio equipments are spreading worldwide together with technology. According to Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU of European Union radio equipment is defined as follows : “An electrical or electronic product, which intentionally emits and/or receives radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and/or radio determination, or an electrical or electronic product which must be completed with an accessory, such as antenna, so as to intentionally emit and/or receive radio waves for the purpose of radio communication and/or radio determination”

Standard organizations are working, developing and publishing standards for the products. One of them is ETSI. ETSI is a European Standards Organization (ESO) and the recognized regional standards body dealing with telecommunications, broadcasting and other electronic communications networks and services. ETSI is officially recognized by the European Union to support EU regulation and policies, and ETSI standards are key enablers for the Single European Market. By using ETSI standards, manufacturers and suppliers gain access to the largest unified marketplace in the world.

ETSI has a special role in Europe. This includes supporting European regulations and legislation through the creation of Harmonised European Standards. Only standards developed by the three ESOs (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) are recognized as European Standards (ENs).

ETSI standards are free of charge. You can search and reach ETSI standards by using their official web site. Search & Browse ETSI Standards by clicking this link: One of well know test standards for radio equipments is ETSI EN 301 489-1. This ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard defines Common technical requirements for radio equipments. You can see full name of ETSI EN 301 489-1 below:

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio equipment and services;
Part 1: Common technical requirements;
Harmonised Standard covering the essential requirements of article 3.1(b) of Directive 2014/53/EU and the essential requirements of article 6 of Directive 2014/30/EU

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