ISO 11452-4 BCI

(EMC testing for Automotive – BCI Immunity Test System)

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About ISO 11452-4

ISO 11452-4 is an EMC standard used for elecronic components used in automotive. It is used to validate immunity requirements of the product under test. The tests are under this standard are named as Conducted Immunity or BCI Immunity. Recent version of the standard is ISO 11452-4:2020 which can be reached on ISO’s website. To reach the full version of the standard you have to purchase it due to copyright issues.

BCI Test Setup Requirements of ISO 11452-4

Below items are mention on the standard if you are applying BCI test method (1 MHz to 400 MHz)

Ground Plane
Current Injection Probe(s)
Current measurement probe(s)
Artificial Network(s) [AN(s)]
Radio frequency (RF) generator with internal or external modulation capability
Power amplifier
Power measuring instrumentation to measure the forward and reverse power
Current measurement equipment

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ISO 11452-4 EMC Test System we offer

We offer Schlöder CDG 7000 Conducted Disturbances Test System together with its options to fulfil setup requirements of ISO 11452-4. The compact device consists of

RF signal generator,
RF-power amplifier,
3-channel RF voltmeter and directional coupler

Frequency range of the RF Signal generator is 4 kHz – 1200 MHz. The RF power amplifier is available in three different models:

* 10 kHz – 250 MHz

* 100 kHz – 250 MHz

* 100 kHz – 400 MHz

The system includes and injection probe for Bulk Current Injection (BCI) probe with below specifications:

Frequency range: 1 – 400 MHz

For cables up to Ø 40 mm

Included calibration set

The system has also user friendly test software. When ordering this software option shall also be ordered since it is not free of charge. You can see short introduction of software on below video. 

The system is manufactured in Germany and distributed by Testups. The warranty period of the system is 3 years.

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We are offering turnkey ISO 11452-4 EMC Test System including:

  • RF Generator, Modulator, Amplifier as a single device

  • RF cables and BCI Current Injection Probe

  • Test Software with BCI measurement capability (optional)

  • Current Monitoring Probe (optional)

  • Artificial Networks / LISNs (optional)

  • Accredited Calibration  (optional)

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