LVD (Low Voltage Directive, 2014/35/EU) is one of the directives published by European Union. It is used for CE marking of electrical products which has the voltage levels within below ranges: 50-1000 V AC or 75-1500 V DC.

The purpose of Low Voltage Directive is to ensure that electrical equipment on the market fulfils the requirements providing for a high level of protection of health and safety of persons, and of domestic animals and property, while guaranteeing the functioning of the internal market.

Testups, with its international partner laboratory network, can perform the required LVD testing to ensure compliance with the directive 2014/35/EU. You can either have ISO/IEC/EN 17025 accredited LVD testing service or pre-compliance LVD testing to develop your designs and products.

After having a LVD test report from us, you can issue your EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) including LVD and other applicable directives like EMC (2014/30/EU), RED (2014/53/EU), RoHS (2011/65/EU, 2015/863/EU), Machinery (2006/42/EC) or ATEX(2014/34/EU). Then you can market your CE marked products in Europe.