Product testing and certification has a broad range in all industries with its various players acting in this field. One of the issues is market surveillance of the products.

Who are responsible for Market Surveillance?

Every country or region applies its own regulations for market surveillance. Some products are checked by authorities who are responsible for market surveillance. In most countries, authority organizations or agencies are either a part of the government or assigned by it. In Europe, European Commission does EU market surveillance legislation. In USA, FCC regulates the market and checks the products which are under their responsibility.

What is market surveillance for European Union?

Market surveillance ensures that non-food products on the EU market do not endanger European consumers and workers. It also ensures the protection of other public interests such as the environment, security and fairness in trade. It includes actions such as product withdrawals, recalls and the application of sanctions to stop the circulation of non-compliant products and/or bring them into compliance.

Why market surveillance is important?

For Europe, market surveillance helps protect consumers and workers against unsafe products and general non-compliance. It also protects businesses from unfair competition by those who ignore the rules.

European Commission explains technical details of their market surveillance on their website.

How to prepare for market surveillance?

If you are the designer, manufacturer, importer or reseller of the product you have to be aware of local regulations about product testing and certifications. Ensuring that your product complies with regulations, directives or standards applied in the market, you will be able to show required documentation to market surveillance authorities. Four Steps to be ready for market surveillance:

1)Search the relevant market,

2)List required directives, regulations or standards,

3)Testing or certifying your product(s),

4)Prepare technical documentation in parallel to Step 2.

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