European Commission of European Union recently published an announcement about new energy labels. New EU energy labels applicable from 1 March 2021

The new labels will initially apply to four product categories:

1. Fridges and freezers,

2. Dishwashers,

3. Washing machines,

4. Television sets (and other external monitors).

How new energy labels look like?

There are various changes on energy label. Now, QR Code, Rescaled Energy Efficiency Class, The Annual Energy Consumption, The Volume and The Noise Level will exist on new labels.

European Commission has given an example showing the comparison of current energy label and new energy label. As shown on ‘How to recognise a rescaled product?’ illustration new energy labels will include much more information with scaled energy efficiency classes.

New Energy Label

Next Steps

Updated your energy labels if you are manufacturing, importing or exporting the four product groups mentioned above.

New labels for light bulbs and lamps with fixed light sources will follow on 1 September, and other products will follow in the coming years.

Check other directives and regulations related to energy labelling. In addition to the new energy labelling rules, there are corresponding new regulations on ecodesign that take effect on 1 March 2021. 

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