RF Shielded Enclosures

(Screened rooms, cabinets, GTEMs for EMC, RF, Antenna, MRI, Medical, TEMPEST applications)

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Types of RF Shielded Enclosures

1) Screened Rooms: Screened rooms are used as control/operator room, amplifier room, test chamber for EMC, EMI, EMP, RF, Antenna, MRI measurements. All walls (six surfaces) are covered by metallic panels to isolate the room from incoming RF signals. Radiated fields are isolated by metallic panels, conducted unwanted RF signals are isolated by proper filters. Screened rooms are integrated with lighting and electrical system and can also be used as an office space. Depending on the dimensions of the screened room and its features, pricing changes. Smaller rooms are more economic but limited, larger rooms are costly but allows much more test setups. 

2) Cabinets: RF shielded cabinets are used for RF and telecommunication measurements. Relative to screened rooms, cabinets are smaller and test expert or operator cannot go inside. Test or measurement setup is prepared when the door of cabinet is open. By using monitoring systems, inside the cabinet can be monitored. 

3) GTEM cells, TEM cells: GTEM cells and TEM cells are special type of RF shielded enclosures. Some EMC and RF test standards allow to use TEM cells or GTEM cells as a test site. Such test cells allows for the generating of far field electromagnetic fields in a small enclosed setting, or the measuring of electromagnetic fields radiated within the chamber. By using monitoring systems, inside the cell can be monitored.

4) EMC Test Cells: Modified versions of GTEM cells and TEM cells are used for EMC tests and measurements. These type of test cells are EMC-specific RF shielded enclosures. Laplacells of Laplace Instruments are under this category. 

5) Shielded Tents: RF Shielded Tents are portable and easy to install RF shielded enclosures. RF shielded tents are preferred by the product developers and manufacturers who need on site testing for their products. The products that will be tested inside these tens can either be smaller objects or larger ones like vehicles or aircrafts. Due to advantage of being portable, dimensions can be customized according to requirements of end user. 

What we offer

1) Screened Rooms with any size (on-site installation service is available)

2) Cabinets (on-site installation is not required)

3) GTEM cells, TEM cells (on-site installation is not required)

4) EMC Test Cells (on-site installation is not required)

5) Shielded Tents (on-site installation is not required)

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