Shielded tents are used to have an RF-isolated area to perform RF measurements.

Shielded tents are light and quickly installed so as to be able to be also transported, realised in special metalled fabric, offer environments protected from electromagnetic fields.

The supporting structure of the tent is realised in aluminium tubing and may be personalised in its dimensions and accessories. The fabric section is made of pure Nickel conductive fabric and is covered in a Flame Retardant protection. Access areas are realised with a conductive Velcro closure or with magnets and zippers to assure maximum shielding effectiveness in the areas with openings as well.

EMC tents can be designed according to your requirements.

Shielding Effectiveness

To assure your portable enclosure meets your RF isolation needs, suppliers’ data on shielding effectiveness should be carefully scrutinised to assure it meets minimum shielding requirements. Our partner manufacturer uses IEEE:299-2006 standard to verify the tents. With third party testing, minimum shielding effectiveness results are reported for the fully assembled enclosures at different locations within the tent at different frequencies. At least 85.7dB attenuation from 1 MHz to 18GHz is achieved when taking measurements through the wall at multiple locations.

Pricing and Payments

When you are ready to purchase shielded tents for RF, EMI and EMC measurements, contact us and your quote will be sent.

Sample pricing for the tent shown below is about 10.000 EUR.

  • Size of 2500x2500x3000 cm (that 7’x7’x8′ is
    minimum if that’s some stantard size).
  • 1x shielded ventilation 300mm x 300mm mesh
  • 1x cable sleeve 50mm diameter
  • 2 layers
  • Shileding effectiveness 60dB from 1 MHz to
    6000 MHz
  • EMC certification test

Delivery: 4 weeks

Payment terms: 50% advance, 50% when your package is ready to ship​. Payments shall be make via bank transfer (wire transfer). Contact us and get your specific quote issued to your organization. 

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