Radio equipments or devices are tested or certified according to relevant regulations. Each country or region applies different rules. For Europe, CE marking of radio equipments is regulated by European directives and standards. 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive is the fundamental directive for wireless products. For USA, FCC testing or certification is required for radio devices. FCC standards are chosen according to radio device’s function.

If you are a radio equipment or device engineer, designer, manufacturer, importer or exporter contact Testups and learn relevant directives and standards: Ask Testups One of our experts will respond you.

With an expert team, laboratory and partner laboratories, Testups offers testing and certification services for radio equipments or devices. If you need CE marking, FCC testing or certification contact Testups.

Which testing and certification services Testups offers?

We are offering below testing and certification services for radio equipments or devices:

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing,

Radio or RF testing,

Safety testing,

RoHS testing.

Where does Testups offer testing and certification services?

We are providing testing and certification services to every businesses or organizations. If you send your test sample to our nearest laboratory, we will provide these services for you. Currently, we can provide testing and certification services in these countries:

Ireland, Finland, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil and South Africa. If you are not located one of these countries, do not worry, you can choose nearest one and send your test sample(s). We would like to provide test and certify your radio equipments.

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