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We are offering Tissue Equivalent Liquids which are made mainly of non-ionic surfactant, and have high accuracy and stability. In addition, they are human-body-friendly and environmentally friendly compared with other solutions made of oil or organic solvents which are sold in the market. It is also attractive because it is easy to handle. The wide variety of Tissue Equivalent Liquids products, applicable to a wide range of frequencies from 10 MHz to 5.2 GHz, is useful for measurements on various types of device such as cellular phones and wireless LANs. Tissue Equivalent Liquids are made and bottled in Japan. 

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The RF (radio frequency) safety of mobile phones has been evaluated in terms of SAR (Specific absorption Rate). During SAR measurements standards require tissue equivalent liquid for accurate measurements. 

What we offer? 

We offer bottled high accuracy tissue equivalent liquids. We are shipping the bottled liquids worldwide. We are collaborating with the manufacturer located in Japan.  

Supported Frequency Ranges

We have two types of the products. One is broadband type which covers 700MHz – 6 GHz. And another is narrow band type which consists of some products tuned for a certain frequency.

Device Frequency (MHz)
Cellular phones, Smart phones 733, 750, 835, 900, 915, 1450, 1767, 1950, 3500
Amateur radios 50, 144, 430, 1260
Wireless microphone 300, 700, 900
WiMAX 2600
PHS 1900, 1915
Wireless LAN devices 2450, 5200
Satellite mobile communication 150, 1610, 1624, 2675
MCA 900, 915
RFID 13.56, 915
Others 30, 450, 1800, 2018, 2100, 3000, 5000


  • Broad Temperature Range. They can be used for measurements in the temperature range between 18°C and -25°C because relative permittivity and conductivity is sufficiently low.
  • Easy to Restore Properties. The dielectric properties change due to moisture evaporation can be easily recoverd by adding deionized water. The amount of water required to recover the product can be calculated theoretically. The correction formula is  also provided.
  • Compliant with international standards. Head tissue equivalent liquids comply with IEC 62209-01, IEEE-STD 1528, FCC OET BULLETIN 65 and ARIB STB-T56. Body tissue equivalent liquids comply with FCC OET BULLETIN 65. 2/3 Muscle equivalent liquids comply with AL/OE-TR-1996-0037.
  • Color: Transparent light yellow
  • Content: 8 liters
  • Package Size: 290x250x175 mm

Tissue Equivalent Liquid Types:

There are three main types:

Head Tissue Equivalent Liquids (HT series) (150 – 5200 MHz)

Body Tissue Equivalent Liquids (BT series) (50 – 3000 MHz)

2/3 Tissue Equivalent Liquids (50 – 1200 MHz)

Here is the detailed list showing different types of tissue equivalent liquids. Choose any of them according to your application. 

Item No Type Frequency
Band [MHz]
1 HT0150 150
2 HT0300 300
3 HT0450 450
4 HT0835 835
5 HT0900 900
6 HT0915 915
7 HT1450 1450
8 HT1610 1610
9 HT1624 1624
10 HT1767 1767.5
11 HT1800 1800
12 HT1950 1950
13 HT2018 2018
14 HT2100 2100
15 HT2450 2450
16 HT3000 3000
17 HT5000 5000
18 HT5200 5200
19 BT0050F 50
20 BT0144F 144
21 BT0150F 150
22 BT0300F 300
23 BT0430F 430
24 BT0450F 450
25 BT0835F 835
26 BT0900F 900
27 BT0915F 915
28 BT1260F 1260
29 BT1450F 1450
30 BT1610F 1610
31 BT1800F 1800
32 BT1950F 1950
33 BT2450F 2450
34 BT3000F 3000
35 BT0050 50
36 BT0144 144
37 BT0430 430
38 BT1200 1200

Manufactured in:  Japan

Countries where the products are sold: United States and Japan (These Tissue Equivalent Liquids are used widely, not only for conventional radio wave measurements of mobile terminals but also for radio wave measurements by medical device manufacturers, general sports goods manufacturers who have wearable terminals in their product range, and research institutes including universities.)

Shipment:  Bottles are shipped from Japan to your address. Shipping to any country in the World is available. Our pricing may include shipping costs if you ask us to include. Or alternatively, you can arrange the shipment with your shipment account by picking up from the pick up address in Japan.


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