Ford is asking their products to comply with their own EMC standards: FMC 1278 and FMC 1280. Ford is only accepting EMC test reports of recognized EMC test laboratories. ISO 17025 accreditation of an EMC laboratory is not enough.

Are you looking for a EMC testing service from a Ford recognized EMC test laboratory? We are helping product designers and manufacturers to test and certify their products with our partner Ford recognized EMC laboratories. Contact us and get your quote.  

Component and subsystem EMC testing performed per either FMC 1278 or FMC 1280 is limited to EMC test laboratories formally recognized by Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company will not accept test data from any other laboratory.

Recognition per FMC 1280 is currently limited to existing suppliers of HV commodities Ford in addition to select independent labs previously identified by Ford. Recognition of additional labs is based on a needs assessment by Ford for specific regions.

Ford is listing their recognized EMC test laboratories and some of them cannot perform all required test methods listed in FMC 1278 or FMC 1280. These exceptions are noted for each laboratory on the published list.

About FMC 1278

Ford’s FMC 1278 standard lists the EMC requirements for low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) electrical/electronic (E/E) components and subsystems during normal vehicle operation. 

Test Procedures under FMC 1278

RI 112, RI 114, RI115, RI 130, RI 140, RI 150, CI210, CI 220, CI 221, CI 222, CI230, CI231, CI 250, CI 260, CI 280, RE 310, RE 320, RE 321, RE 330, CE 410, CE 411, CE 420, CE430, CE 440, CE 421

Some of these test procedures are named as follows:

CI 280 (U): Electrostatic Discharge (Un-powered / Handling)

CI 280 (P): Electrostatic Discharge (Powered)

RI 112: RF Immunity – BCI

RI 114: RF Immunity – ALSE/Reverberation

RI 115: RF Immunity – Hand Portable Transmitter

RI 130: Coupled Immunity – Inductive Transients 

RI 140: Magnetic Field Immunity

RI 150: Coupled Immunity – Inductive Transients 

CI 210: Conducted Immunity – Continuous Disturbances

CI 220: Conducted Immunity – Transient Disturbances

CI 221: Conducted Immunity – Transient Disturbances

CI 222: Conducted Immunity – Transient Disturbances

CI 230: Conducted Immunity – Power Cycling

CI 231: Conducted Immunity – Power Cycling

CI 250: Conducted Immunity – Voltage Offset

CI 260: Conducted Immunity – Voltage Dropout

CI 270: Conducted Immunity – Voltage Overstress

RE 310: Radiated RF Emissions

About FMC 1280

Ford’s FMC 1280 standard lists EMC requirements for HV E/E components and subsystems specifically associated with Electric and Hybrid Electric vehicles and that are active during HV battery charging while the vehicle is connected to the AC mains power grid or an external DC charging device.

Test Procedures under FMC 1280

RI112H, RI114H, CI210H, CI220H, CI280H, RE310H, RE320H, CE420H, CE430H, and CE440H

What we offer?

We offer below services and products related to FMC 1278 and FMC 1280:

1. EMC Testing and Certification Services for your automotive products via our partner Ford recognized EMC laboratories

2. EMC Training Services at one of our partner Ford recognized EMC laboratories

3. EMC Test Systems for pre-compliance testing

4. EMC Test Systems for full-compliance testing

5. Anechoic Chamber / RF Shielded Enclosure installation

Ask FMC 1278 / FMC 1280 Testing Services or Test Systems

Send us your requirements in detail. Then we will offer you best solution for your FMC 1278 and/or FMC 1280 needs

We are engineers, experts and consultants specialised in electrical product testing and certification.

With our team, laboratory and partner laboratories, we are providing testing and certification services for electrical products. We are partnering with testing laboratories located in USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil and South Africa. We are providing our services worldwide.

We are also collaborating with EMC test equipment and chamber manufacturers to provide turnkey systems and solutions to the businesses. After understanding your current requirements, we are offering best device configurations to fulfil your needs. We are delivering, installing test equipments and anechoic chambers with our partner and expert teams. When required, we are also offering on-site and remote trainings for the devices and chambers we deliver.

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