Transient Immunity Test System according to ISO 7637-2 and more...

Are you looking for a transient immunity test system to apply tests under ISO 7637-2?

The system we offer is for testing electromagnetic immunity of the electrical installation of vehicles and components against supply line transients. The system has various configurations and can go up to 200 Amps. The system is compliant with both ISO and manufacturer EMC standards. It is compliant with ISO 7637-2, ISO 7637-3, ISO 16750-2, ISO 21848, LV 124, LV 148, VW 8000, VW 8100 and VG 96916.

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ISO 7637-2 requires transient immunity tests to ensure the compatibility to conducted electrical transients of equipment installed on passenger cars and commercial vehicles fitted with 12 V or 24 V electrical systems. Transients on power lines are simulated by test system. ISO 7637-2 defines different pulse types to be injected to Equipment Under Test (EUT). 

What we offer? 

We offer transient immunity test systems which are used for “Transient Immunity Tests” according to ISO 7637-2. The equipment is an EMC Test Equipment for electrical installation of vehicles. CAR TEST SYSTEM 14, manufactured by Hilo Test Germany, has several configurations and maximum current of the system goes up to 200 Amps.


The equipment is capable of generating below pulses which are defined in ISO 7637-2

Pulse #1 1-5/2000μs, 600 V
Pulse #1 1-5/1000μs, 600 V
Pulse #2a 1 / 50μs, 600 V
Pulse #3 5/100 ns, 800 V

Rise time variable 1- 5μs

Vehicle voltages : 12V / 24V / 42V / 48V / 70V

Battery current: 50A / 100A / 200A

Electronic sense for battery voltage

Modular and extendable

This EMC test system is designed for testing electromagnetic immunity of the electrical installation of vehicles and components against supply line transients.

The CAR-SYS allows, in its basic configuration generation of transient immunity test pulses, pulse #1, #2 and #3. It contains of a triggerable load switch, an Ethernet interface board and an integrated fast pulse voltage divider to measure the impulse in the electrical.

A microprocessor-controlled 7″ touch screen display unit is integrated and permits an easy operation of the generator. The software program CAR-remote permits the PC control of the generator via Ethernet and also allows the standardized documentation according to IEC 17025 and the evaluation of test results. The user can use the standard test routines (ISO, VG, Car manufacturer specific) or define his own test sequences. It is equipped with an Impulse Recording Function (IRF) to record definite impulses (with oscilloscope). Furthermore, nearly all customer-specific impulse adjustments are possible by the flexible software control.

Standalone CAR-TEST-SYSTEM 14 II

Example Configuration of ISO 7637-2 Immunity Test System

CAR-TEST-SYSTEM 14 I Pulse #1, #2 und #3, Built-in 19” Rack

+ Option Power Supply CAR-AWG 3000 ( 75V, 100A) Pulse #2b, #4, and more, 50A continuous current (battery load), see technical specification

+ Option PG 2804 Load Dump

+ Option CAR-PFS 80 Micro-interruptions

+ Option 19” rack 9HE, 600 mm deep

Below illustration shows an example configuration of Automotive EMC Immunity Test System. It consists of above items and can be delivered on a rack as a system.

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