UNECE Regulation 10 (shortly ECE R10) is one of the product compliance regulations applied for automotive. It ensures electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance of electronic products, systems used on vehicles and vehicles. Current version of ECE R10 is Revision 6. New version, Revision 7 is not published yet. UNECE, with its IWG-EMC committee, still working on new revision. However, some draft versions of Revision 7 are published as unofficial documents.

Latest and current version is UN ECE R10 Rev.6. If you want to check the latest version of Regulation 10, visit UNECE web site or click download below (159-page pdf):

Upper frequency of immunity requirements of ECE R10 Rev.7 is expected to be 6 GHz. This is one of the essential updates when compared with Revision 6. This change will require testing up to 6GHz instead of 2GHz. Manufacturers, type approval authorities, technical services, test laboratories should adapt this change. Testing up to 6 GHz may require additonal test equipments for existing test laboratories. 

We have added one of the recent draft versions of UN ECE R10 Rev.7. Since this version is a draft, some changes may not be published on final version. Review it only as a reference document:

Draft is originally published as (IWG EMC) Working draft of a new 07 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 10 (pubished on 24/04/2023)

When final version of UN ECE Regulation 10 Revision 7 is published, you will find all details and comparision between Revision 6 on this page. Visit this page regularly and keep updated. 

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