On 30 October 2020, United Nations published an amendment for ECE R10 Rev.6. This amendment is the Supplement 1 to the 06 series of amendments. By this amendment, paragraph 3.1.8 of ECE R10 Rev.6 is as follows:

Paragraph 3.1.8., amend to read:
“3.1.8. For vehicles of categories L6, L7, M, N, O, T, R and S, the vehicle manufacturer
shall provide a statement of frequency bands, power levels, antenna positions and installation provisions for the installation of radio frequency transmitters (RF-transmitters), even if the vehicle is not equipped with an RF transmitter at time of type approval, and this statement shall be noted in the information document (e.g. under item 63, Annex 2A). This should cover all mobile radio services normally used in vehicles. This information shall be made publicly available following the type approval. Vehicle manufacturers shall provide evidence that vehicle performance is not adversely affected by such transmitter installations.”

If you want to reach UN Regulation No. 10 – Rev.6 – Amend.1 you can visit United Nations (UN) page or you can download this 2-page amendment by clicking below download button.

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