Are you selling CE marked products to Europe? Or are you preparing to export CE marked products to Europe? There is an update about EU regulations. The regulation 2019/1020/EU, starting from 16th July 2021, requires ‘authorised representative’ for non-EU manufacturers who has no agreed importer. If you are selling CE marked products to Europe as a non-EU seller, CE marking will not be enough anymore. You shall agree with an importer or authorised representative located in EU.

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How Authorised Representative Affect CE marking?

This change affeact many businesses exporting goods to EU. Businesses using self declaration and affixing CE marks on their products, now has also to find an authorised representative for their products. If you are a non-EU seller you have to choose any of these options to continue to sell CE marked products:

1. Find and agree with an authorised representative located in EU

2. Find and agree with an importer located in EU

3. Start a EU business

Labeling will also be affected. You shall declare your authorised representative on the product package or  on the product itself.

What is ‘authorised representative’?

EU Regulation 2019/1020 defines ‘authorised representative’ as follows:

Any natural or legal person established within the Union who has received a written mandate from a manufacturer to act on its behalf in relation to specified tasks with regard to the manufacturer’s obligations under the relevant Union harmonisation legislation or under the requirements of this Regulation.

What is ‘economic operator’?

The reggulation defines ‘economic operator’ as follows:

The manufacturer, the authorised representative, the importer, the distributor, the fulfilment service provider or any other natural or legal person who is subject to obligations in relation to the manufacture of products, making them available on the market or putting them into service in accordance with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation.

Why authorised representative or local presence is being mandatory?

The regulation pay attentions fair trade, equal conditions for competition and market surveillance. In order to strenght cooperation between manufacturers and the market surveillance authorities, local presence is essential. It is provided by an economic operater within EU. This change will allow immediate intervention and corrective action in relation to the product.

Which CE marking regulations pr directive are affected? 

The regulation pay attentions fair trade, equal conditions for competition and market surveillance. In order to strenght

The article listing the tasks of economic operators regarding products subject to certain Union harmonisation legislation, also mentions the affected directives. The products under the scope of these EU regulations and directives requires ‘authorised representative’ for non-EU sellers or manufacturers: 

(EU) No 305/2011

(EU) 2016/425

(EU) 2016/426
















How CE marking of electronic products are affected? 

As listed above, most of the EU directives (EMC, LVD, RED, RoHS, ATEX) applied for electronic products are affected. If you are exporting electronic goods to EU member countries, you have to prepare for this change and provide local presence with your agreed importer or authorised representative. 

How Testups can help non-EU businesses? 

If you are a non-EU business exporting test equipments which are under the scope of EU directives, we can help you to prepare for this change and provide local presence. Send us your product details to learn how can we assist you. Contact Us.

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