Do you want to get calibration certificates for your EMC, RF or Microwave instruments and their auxiliary equipments? Or do you need to renew existing calibration certificates of them? We are offering calibration services for EMC, RF and Microwave test instruments and auxiliary items. We are collaborating with accredited calibration laboratories or national metrology institutes located in USA, UK, Germany, Austria and Turkey.

If you have EMI Receiver, Network Analyser, Spectrum Analyser, Signal Generator, RF Power Sensor, RF Power Meter, EFT/Burst Generator, Surge Generator, Synthesizer Frequency Generator, Biconical Antenna, Log-Periodic Antenna, Horn Antenna,  Active/Passive Rod Antenna, Electric Field Probe, Magnetic Field Probe, Absorbing Clamp, LISN,  Coaxial VNA Calibration Kit, Waveguide VNA Calibration Kit, Directional Coupler or Noise Source,

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Calibration Services

with our international network of accredited calibration laboratories and national metrology institutes. We offer:

EMI Receivers up to 26.5GHz

Calibration of EMI Receivers

Up to 50GHz

Calibration of Network Analysers

Scalar/Standard Network Analysers, Vectoral Network Analysers (VNAs)

Up to 50GHz

Calibration of Surge/EFT/Burst Generators

 Calibration Services for EFT/Burst Generators and Surge Generators

Calibration of Horn Antennas

Up to 40GHz

Calibration of Biconical and Log-Periodic Antennas

Biconical, Log-Periodic, BiLog, CombiLog

Calibration of Rod Antennas

Active Rod Antenna, Passive Rod Antenna

Line Impedance Stabilization Networks

Calibration of LISNs

Calibration services for Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs)

Calibration of Absorbing Clamps

Calibration of Absorbing Clamps and EM Clamps

Customized Calibration Services

Customized Calibration Services according to manufacturer’s reference calibration requirements. 

Order Code Service Description Remarks*
T1ER-5210 Active-Passive Rod and Loop Antenna Calibration (Frequency range: 5 Hz – 30 MHz) 9, 10, 12
T1ER-5220 Biconic, Bilog, Log-Periodic, Horn Antenna Calibration (Frequency range: 30 MHz – 1 GHz) 9, 10, 11, 12
T1ER-5230 Horn Antenna Calibration (Frequency range: 1 GHz – 18 GHz) 9, 10, 11, 12
T1ER-5240 Horn Antenna Calibration (Frequency range: 18 GHz – 40 GHz) 9, 10, 11, 12
T1ER-5310 Electric/Magnetic Field Probe Calibration ( Frequency range: 30 Hz – 32 kHz) 9, 10, 12
T1ER-5320 Electric/Magnetic Field Probe Calibration( Frequency range: 30 Hz – 3 MHz) 9, 10, 12
T1ER-5330 Electric/Magnetic Field Probe Calibration( Frequency range: 30 Hz – 30 MHz) 9, 10, 12
T1ER-5340 Electric/Magnetic Field Probe Calibration( Frequency range: 30 Hz – 3 GHz) 9, 10, 12
T1ER-5350 Electric/Magnetic Field Probe Calibration( Frequency range: 30 Hz – 20 GHz) 9, 10, 12
T1ER-5360 Electric/Magnetic Field Probe Calibration( Frequency range: 30 Hz – 40 GHz) 9, 10, 12
T1ER-6400 Absorbing Clamp Calibration 9, 12
T1ER-6510 Voltage/Current Probe Calibration (Frequency range for voltage probes: 150 kHz to 30 MHz, Frequency range for current probes: 30 Hz to 500 MHz, measuring range (-30 dBs) – (70 dBs)) 9, 12
T1KA-3310 Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) Calibration 5
T1MD-1000 Power Sensor Calibration (up to 26,5 GHz) 2, 6
T1MD-1100 Calibration Factor of RF power sensor or thermistor mount (up to 15 frequency) 1, 2, 6
T1MD-1300 RF power meter calibration 7
T1MD-1500 RF power measurement 1, 7
T1MD-2100 Transmission Coefficient (up to 60 dB, 45 MHz-26,5 GHz) (up to 20 frequencies) 1, 2, 6
T1MD-3000 Primary Level Computable Impedance Standard (airline) Calibration (up to 50GHz) 2, 5
T1MD-3100 Reflection coefficient, VSWR, return loss measurement (45 MHz-26,5 GHz) (up to 20 frequencies) 1, 2, 6
T1MD-3300 Network Analyzer Calibration 8
T1MD-4100 Directional Coupler Calibration (≤ 2 GHz) 1, 2, 6
T1MD-4200 Coaxial VNA Calibration Kit Calibration 2, 6
T1MD-4300 Waveguide VNA Calibration Kit Calibration 2, 6
T1MD-4400 Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Materials (up to 50 GHz) 2, 6
T1MD-5100 Noise Source Calibration (up to 50 GHz) 2, 6
T1ZF-2100 Timer – Counter Calibration
T1ZF-2500 Synthesized Sweeper / Signal Generator Calibration
T1ZF-3100 Spectrum Analyzer Calibration
T1ZF-3300 EMC Test Equipment (Burst / Discontinuous Interference Analyzer) Calibration
T1ZF-3400 Audio Analyzer Calibration
T1ZF-3800 Measurement Receiver Calibration
T1ZF-6300 Synthesiser Function Generator Calibration
T1ZF-9900 Special Calibration 3

(1) This service is within the scope of accreditation.
(2) If measurement is requested at more than the specified frequency point, 40 EUR is charged for each additional frequency.
(3) Pricing is made on demand.
(4) Pricing is valid for single SIM card and 3 different traffic channels on a single frequency (900 MHz or 1800 MHz).
(5) When phase measurement is made, 50% is added to the price.
(6) Pricing is valid for 15 frequency points.
(7) The price given is for one RF port.
(8) Pricing valid up to 18 GHz. For frequencies 100 kHz – 26.5 GHz and 100 kHz – 50 GHz, 30% is added to the unit price.
(9) 50% of the calibration fee will be requested for your device that is found to be defective during the calibration.
(10) Calibration is done in the frequency range specified by the device manufacturer.
(11) Measurements of horn antennas will be made in vertical polarization, and measurements of other antennas will be made in horizontal polarization.
(12) If different frequencies are added to the standard frequencies in the calibration, pricing will be made again.

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