Do you need E marking for your Electronic Sub Assemblies(ESAs) or whole vehicle? Fulfil EMC requirements of your product and affix E mark on it. We are offering E marking, type approval, homologation services for electronic products used in automotive. We are collaborating with international designated technical services. Certify your products according to latest version of UN ECE Regulation 10.
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E Marking Services

With international network of designated technical services we offer E1 (Germany), E11 (United Kingdom), E24 (Ireland) marking

Most of the electrical products in Europe are under CE marking directives like RED (2014/53/EU), LVD (2014/35/EU), EMC (2014/30/EU) and etc. However, automotive products are not CE marked since there is another marking called E marking. E marking are also named as Type Approval or UN ECE Certification. After passing relevant tests which are applied according to UN ECE regulations, type approval process is done by designated services.

Which products have to E marked?
Full vehicles or Electronic Sub-Assemblies (ESAs) have to be E marked. EMC tests and type approval of an ESA are performed according to latest version of UN ECE R10. How to define whether your product is an ESA or not. UN ECE R10 defines this clearly with a flowchart. If your product is an ESA check below chart to define whether your is under the scope of ECE R.10 and E marking:

Do ESAs also need other markings like CE?
Some ESAs may need extra tests in order to ensure compliance with other directives. An ESA having an immunity related function plus other features which are not covered by the vehicle framework directive will need to be E marked and CE marked.

According to UN ECE R10, immunity related functions are listed below:

• affecting the direct control of the vehicle,

• relating to driver, passenger, or other road

• users’ protections, liable to cause confusion

to the driver or other road users,

• for vehicle data bus functionality

• affecting vehicle statutory data, or

• for vehicle RESS charging

If an ESA has no immunity related function, only E marking is enough.

How to get E mark for a vehicle or ESA?

There are two main steps before E marking:

1) Testing according to ECE regulation(s)

In this step, the product has to be tested according to UN ECE R.10 regulation and related EMC test standards. If the product fulfils all test items, a test report is prepared by the testing laboratory. This test report is one of the documents that will be submitted during homologation.

UN ECE Regulation 10 is a free document and you can reach it by clicking the link below:

Download UN ECE Regulation 10 Rev.6

2) Homologation (Type Approval, E marking)

In this step, all technical documentation including ECE R.10 test report is submitted to regulatory authority (designated technical service) for E marking. Each country has a unique country code called ECE symbol and this code is has two components: E and a country-specific number. For example, for Germany it is E 1, for Ireland it is E 24. UN ECE publishes all ECE symbols and the list of all contracting parties (E-marking countries) under UN Regulation No. 10 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to electromagnetic compatibility.

In addition to product documentation, additional information about the manufacturer, distributor or importer may be required. Quality management system certificates like ISO 9001 is one of the essential company documents for type approval.

After passing above steps, you will be able to use E mark on your product and market your product to whole countries which applies E-marking and countries which accept United Nations ECE regulations.

Do you want ECE R10 EMC testing or E-marking service for your product?
Visit our Contact Us page and send us your product’s features. After you accept our quote, we will receive a test sample from you and start ECE R.10 testing. When tests finishes successfully, we will deal with type approval processes and provide these services to you. The fastest E marking we can provide is E24 marking. If you have a special requirement, let us know, we are also able to offer other E marking numbers like E1, E5, E57 and others.

Fulfil your E marking requirements

with designated technical service partners of Testups

We are engineers, experts and consultants specialised in electrical product testing and certification.

With our team, laboratory and partner laboratories, we are providing testing and certification services for electrical products. We are partnering with testing laboratories located in USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil and South Africa. We are providing our services worldwide.

We are also collaborating with EMC test equipment and chamber manufacturers to provide turnkey systems and solutions to the businesses. After understanding your current requirements, we are offering best device configurations to fulfil your needs. We are delivering, installing test equipments and anechoic chambers with our partner and expert teams. When required, we are also offering on-site and remote trainings for the devices and chambers we deliver.

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