Do you need E marking for your Electronic Sub Assemblies(ESAs) or whole vehicle? Fulfil EMC requirements of your product and affix E mark on it. We are offering E marking, type approval, homologation services for electronic products used in automotive. We are collaborating with international designated technical services. Certify your products according to latest version of UN ECE Regulation 10.
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E Marking Services

With international network of designated technical services we offer E1 (Germany), E11 (United Kingdom), E20 (Poland), E24 (Ireland), E32 (Latvia) marking. All E marks are identical, numbers show only the issuing authority’s country code. 

Automotive products (vehicles, electronic sub assemblies, technical units) are E marked according to UNECE Regulation 10. E marking means having type approval certificate according to UNECE R10 after finishing testing and certification processes.

Testing process starts with performing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests. If the product passes all tests type approval process starts, this part is mostly about documentation and quality. Together with EMC test report, the product’s, manufacturer’s and type approval applicant’s documents are reviewed by the authority. 

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Which products have to E marked?

Full vehicles or Electronic Sub-Assemblies (ESAs) have to be E marked. EMC tests and type approval of an ESA are performed according to latest version of UN ECE R10. How to define whether your product is an ESA or not. UN ECE R10 defines this clearly with a flowchart. If your product is an ESA check below chart to define whether your is under the scope of ECE R.10 and E marking:

Do ESAs also need other markings like CE?

Some ESAs may need extra tests in order to ensure compliance with other directives. An ESA having an immunity related function plus other features which are not covered by the vehicle framework directive will need to be E marked and CE marked.

According to UN ECE R10, immunity related functions are listed below:

• affecting the direct control of the vehicle,

• relating to driver, passenger, or other road

• users’ protections, liable to cause confusion

to the driver or other road users,

• for vehicle data bus functionality

• affecting vehicle statutory data, or

• for vehicle RESS charging

If an ESA has no immunity related function, only E marking is enough.

How to get E mark for a vehicle or ESA?

There are two main steps for E marking (Type Approval):

1) Testing according to ECE regulation(s)

In this step, the product has to be tested according to UN ECE R.10 regulation and related EMC test standards. If the product fulfils all test items, a test report is prepared by the testing laboratory. This test report is one of the documents that will be submitted during homologation.

UN ECE Regulation 10 is a free document and you can reach it by clicking the link below:

Download UN ECE Regulation 10 Rev.6

2) Homologation (Type Approval, E marking)

In this step, all technical documentation including ECE R.10 test report is submitted to regulatory authority (designated technical service) for E marking. Each country has a unique country code called ECE symbol and this code is has two components: E and a country-specific number. For example, for Germany it is E 1, for Ireland it is E 24. UN ECE publishes all ECE symbols and the list of all contracting parties (E-marking countries) under UN Regulation No. 10 Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to electromagnetic compatibility.

In addition to product documentation, additional information about the manufacturer, distributor or importer may be required. Quality management system certificates like ISO 9001 is one of the essential company documents for type approval.

After passing above steps, you will be able to use E mark on your product and market your product to whole countries which applies E-marking and countries which accept United Nations ECE regulations.

Do you want EMC testing or E-marking service for your product according to ECE Regulation 10?

We are helping businesses acting in automotive and certifying their products with our agreed and trusted partners. You can have EMC testing services or complete type approval service including EMC testing by contacting us. We are able to offer these E markings: E1 (Germany), E5 (Sweden), E11 (United Kingdom), E20 (Poland), E24 (Ireland), E32 (Latvia), E37 (Turkey), E57 (San Marino).

Essential Remark: All E marks are identical technically and by law, any E marked product can be used within UNECE member states since E marking is international product certification. Country codes, coming after the E mark, represents only the issuing authority’s country code, they do not mean that the product can only be used in that country. For instance, E24 is accepted in every country, not only in Ireland.

Steps for ECE R10 Certification

1. Click on Get Quote button below and send us your product’s features (electrical, mechanical, photo, functions, supply voltage, model numbers)

2. Get your quote

3. Send us your Purchase Order, pre-payment and test sample

4. We perform EMC tests according to the latest version of UNECE R10 (if test results are PASS, continue with next step, if any FAIL results we need a new test sample to pass the tests)

5. Fill the Type Approval forms and send us together with quality documents (ISO 9001 certificate, CoP and etc.)

6. Send us technical documents of the product and a label illustration/drawing showing your product’s model no (type) and E mark on it

7. Get your Type Approval Certificate showing your unique E mark on it (for instance if you get E24 marking, you will see a unique number after E24 R10 XXXX, you will use this numbers on the label of the product)

8. Market your E marked / type approved products to any country accepting E mark. If you reach this step you will be happier than now 🙂

Certify your products

with designated technical service partners of Testups

Which documents are asked at Homologation (Type Approval or E marking) Stage?

After passing EMC tests according to UN ECE Regulation 10, type approval or certification stage starts. At this stage, we will ask you to send some documents related to your company, product, manufacturer. You can see a list of the documents that will be asked from you.

Documents which have asterix(*) are the forms that will be filled. We will send you these forms when we start our service.

No Requested documentation Notes/Further Information
1 Product Description 2-3 pages as a product overview description incuding its functionalities and general information, position/installation into vehicle and general electrical information (power supply, consumption…)
2 Mechanical Drawings with Dimensions and Manufacturer Trade Mark Showing size/dimension of the final product, as well a exploded view drawing is suggested. Better if it will show also pinout and connector/interface view.
3 Location of approval marking, method of affixing and example of marking Can be inserted also on the product description or on the mechanical drawings
4 HW version of the tested sample if not marked on device to be tested
5 SW version of the tested sample if not marked on device to be tested
6 Electrical schemes For all the board composing the system
7 Component placing and PCB layout For all the board composing the system
8 BOM (Bill of Materials) /Part List For all the board composing the system
9 Further documents regarding accessory or side-devices connected to DUT ( display, RF module..)  –
10 ISO/QM certification for the approval owner Mandatory for E-marking/certification
11* Application Form signed in every part(unfilled form will be sent you) Mandatory for E marking/certification (See the comments on Application Form)
12 EU 858/2018 COP (Conformity of Production) Requirement Mandatory for E-marking/certification.
Copy of Control Plan + COP Procedure of the manufacturing company.
13* CoP Agreement (if necessary)
(unfilled form will be sent you)
In case of different addresses/company for approval owner and production plant. COP are needed also if the assembly plant adress is different with respect to the manufacturer/owner one. COP document must be signed and stamped by both the representative of the two parties and printed on head-paper letter sheet of the approval owner.
14* External Trademark Use (unfilled form will be sent you) If on your device you have to add (as a request of your customer) a  trade name / logo which is not of your property (such us MAN / BWM logo or so on…) you have to fulfill this document as an autocertification that you’ve been delegated by your customer to use their logo/tradename/trademark

 Of course, your UN ECE R10 EMC Test Report would be attached to your documentation set. 

All of the documents would be submitted to the authority organization by us. For E24 marking/certification authority organization is NSAI and they will issue type approval certificate if all documents are proper. You will have a unique E number assigned to your product (type and its variants).

Do you have already ECE R10 certified products and would like to update or modify them? Visit our Modification and Extension of ECE R10 Type Approval page by clicking the link given below.

Modification and Extension of ECE R10 Type Approval

We are engineers, experts and consultants specialised in electrical product testing and certification.

With our team, laboratory and partner laboratories, we are providing testing and certification services for electrical products. We are partnering with testing laboratories located in USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil and South Africa. We are providing our services worldwide.

We are also collaborating with EMC test equipment and chamber manufacturers to provide turnkey systems and solutions to the businesses. After understanding your current requirements, we are offering best device configurations to fulfil your needs. We are delivering, installing test equipments and anechoic chambers with our partner and expert teams. When required, we are also offering on-site and remote trainings for the devices and chambers we deliver.

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