Do you need any training or courses related to EMC testing, RF/Radio testing, electrical safety testing, RoHS testing, EMC and RF test instruments, EMC and RF Anechoic Chambers, EMC and RF test standards used in medical, automotive, information technology, railway, avionics and machinery. We are offering training and courses with our agreed experts. Training and courses can be arranged either on-site or online. Start your testing and certification journey with a training or course.


  • EMC Standards (CISPR 12, CISPR 14-1, CISPR 14-2, CISPR 25, CISPR 32, CISPR 35, ISO 7637-2, ECE R10, IEC 60601-1-2, ETSI EN 301 489-1…)
  • EMC Tests (Conducted Emissions, Radiated Emissions, Conducted Immunity, Radiated Immunity, Surge, EFT/Burst, Voltage Dips and Short Interruptions, RF Spurious Emissions…)
  • EMC Test Equipments (ESD Generator, EFT/Burst Generator, Surge Generator, EMI Receiver, LISN, RF Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, EMI Receiver, RF Amplifier, CDN, Current Probe, Coupling Clamp…)
  • EMC Test Systems (Automated test systems including test software)
  • EMC Test Chambers (Fully Anechoic Chamber, Semi Anechoic Chamber, OATS, OTS, Reverberation Chamber…)

Our Training and Courses

With international network of experts we offer:

Training and Courses for Product Testing

EMC, RF/Radio, Safety, RoHS, CE, FCC, UN ECE R10 testing and certification related trainings and courses are customised according to your requirements. Presenting specific and international test standards applied to your products, practical applications, on-site laboratory measurements are available. 

Training and Courses for Test Equipments

If you have any test equipment and need some training or course to use it properly, contact us. Let us arrange on-site or online training/course to show you practical tips. We are able to create customised training and course content depending on your needs about EMC, RF or Safety test laboratory instruments. 

Training and Courses for Test Chambers

Do you want to invest on an anechoic chamber and suffering from how to start? Or do you have any anechoic chamber and need some training or course. With our chamber experts, we are arranging online or onsite trainings and courses. 

We are engineers, experts and consultants specialised in electrical product testing and certification.

With our team, laboratory and partner laboratories, we are providing testing and certification services for electrical products. We are partnering with testing laboratories located in USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil and South Africa. We are providing our services worldwide.

We are also collaborating with EMC test equipment and chamber manufacturers to provide turnkey systems and solutions to the businesses. After understanding your current requirements, we are offering best device configurations to fulfil your needs. We are delivering, installing test equipments and anechoic chambers with our partner and expert teams. When required, we are also offering on-site and remote trainings for the devices and chambers we deliver.


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