Load Dump Generator (ISO 16750-2)

(Vehicle EMC testing – Component/Module/ESA EMC Testing)

Do you need to test electronic products used in automotive?

Do you want to perform load dump tests of your vehicles or components/modules according to ISO 16750-2 or ISO 7637-2?

With a new ISO 16750-2 compliant Load Dump Generator, you will be able to perform load dump tests (Pulse #5, Test A, Test B) in house, shorten your product launch durations, and extend your EMC testing capability.

Let us supply your new Load Dump Generator. The generator has optional items like remote software . You can run it as an automoted test system.

Contact us and send your load dump generator requirements.

Datasheet of Load Dump Generator

Download the datasheet of load dump generator and its options we offer, by clicking on the below button.

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We are supplying load dump generators for automotive designers, manufacturers, quality departments, test laboratories and research institutes 

  • ISO 16750-2 compliant test system
  • Remote Test Software (optional, with extra fee)
  • Manufacturer calibration included (free of charge)

  • Accredited calibration certificate (optional, with extra fee)

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