Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) guns or ESD simulators are used during ESD testing. Most of the ESD guns fulfil the requirements of all major ESD standards like IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605. ESD guns are used by EMC test laboratories, product designers, manufacturers, quality departments, research institutes and universities for product development, research, testing and certification purposes.

The most essential parameter of an ESD gun is its highest voltage level. Some ESD guns can apply ESD signal up to 15kV, some can go up to 30kV. Do you need 15kV ESD gun or 30kV ESD gun? Contact us and get your quote.

Another essential parameter of ESD guns is the their compliance to standards. Fully compliant ESD guns allow you to perform ESD tests %100 compliant to the standard applied. We are offering IEC/EN 61000-4-2 and ISO 10605 compliant ESD test guns. 

ESD simulator guns have some options like discharge networks, special discharge tips, calibration and test setup accessories. These options is chosen according to the requirements of the standard applied for Equipment Under Test (EUT) or product.

After specifying your requirements, it is time to choose an ESD gun/simulator. Testups offers various models of ESD simulator guns which are shown below. Check their details and Get Quote from us by filling the form given below. When you buy one of the ESD test guns from Testups, we will deliver the ESD gun you chose to your address in 6 weeks.

Where can we deliver ESD guns?

After receiving a purchase order, we are arranging shipment of ESD gun you need. We are delivering ESD guns to most of the countries. Some of them are United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey. 

Where can we deliver ESD guns?

We are shipping ESD guns with our DHL, UPS or FEDEX/TNT account. If you prefer another one, please let us know when sending your purchase order. 

Ask quote. All details about pricing will be mentioned on your quote before purchasing.

Free shipping for new customers. The  first ESD gun you order will be shipped free of charge. Free shipping is only valid for new customers of Testups and for shipping a single ESD gun, simulator or generator. Free shipping is only for the shipments in 2021. Get Quote and Order your ESD gun with free delivery service.