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Testing services for electronic and radio devices used in medical, automotive, information technology, machinery and defense. We are offering accredited EMC, Radio/RF, Safety/LVD, RoHS, Medical Device, FCC, UN ECE R10 compliance testing and reporting services with our partner labs.


Do you want to certify your electronic and radio devices? We are offering CE, ECE R10, FCC, ISED,  CB, ATEX and international product certifications (UL, CSA, Anatel, Brazil, CCC, KC, RCM, TSE and VCCI) with our accredited and notified bodies.


Are you suffering from fail test results to pass EMC, Radio/RF, Safety/LVD, RoHS or any other tests? Do you need engineering assistance to modify your designs and pass the tests. With our independent engineer partners, we are offering such services to speed up your product’s compliance processes.


Do you need any consultancy services related to EMC, RF/Radio, Safety, RoHS testing or certification? We are offering customised consultancy services to fulfil your requirements and to assist you for testing and certification needs. These services can be either on-site or online.


Do you need any training or courses related to EMC testing, RF/Radio testing, electrical safety testing, RoHS testing, EMC and RF test instruments, EMC and RF Anechoic Chambers, EMC and RF test standards used in medical, automotive, information technology, machinery and defense. We are offering training and courses with our agreed experts. These services can be either on-site or online.


With our trusted partner installation and validation teams, we are offering screened room installation and validation services, anechoic chamber installation and validation services, Screening Effectiveness measurements, Field Uniformity, Normalized Site Attenuation(NSA), Site VSWR and Fully Anechoic Chamber (FAR) Validation services. 

Some of our services

With our team, laboratory and partner laboratories, we are providing testing and certification services for electrical products.

UKCA (United Kingdom)

What are the differences between CE marking and UKCA marking?
Both marking are similar but there are some differences. We are listing these differences here.
UK started UKCA marking instead of CE marking.

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