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UN ECE Regulation 148 is published by United Nations’ ECE commission and it is recognized in more than 50 countries.

ECE R148 certification comes with a unique E mark for your product (type and its variants).

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About ECE R148

One of the automotive regulations is UN ECE Regulation 148. It is recognized by more than 50 countries. UN ECE R148 compliance of lamps or signalling devices are ensured by testing, technical documentation, quality certification and production control. ECE R148 regulation explains these processes and it is free to download. 

ECE R148 is published on 10/05/2021

Full title of the regulation is ‘Uniform provisions concerning the approval of light-signalling devices (lamps) for power-driven vehicles and their trailers’

ECE R148 is available in three languages:: English, French and Russian.

ECE R148 regulation applies to the following lamps:
1) Rear-registration plate illuminating lamps
2) Direction indicator lamps
3) Position lamps
4) Stop lamps
5) End-outline marker lamps
6) Reversing lamps
7) Manoeuvring lamps
8) Rear fog lamps
9) Parking lamps
10) Daytime running lamps
11) Side marker lamps

Type and its variants are subjected to R148 tests to ensure technical requirements are fulfiled. After passing the tests type approval certification stage starts. At this stage, technical documents of the lamp and its manufacturer are submitted officially to type approval authority. At the end of type approval certification, the product deserves a unique E mark on its label. 

Other UN ECE Regulations

Some products may fall under the scope of more UN ECE regulations. For instance, if your product falls under the scope of Regulation 10 for its EMC compliance, both R10 and R148 certification is required.  

Photometric Laboratory

In our partner’s photometric laboratory and tunnel we can carry out photometric tests and evaluations according to various EC directives, DIN standards, StVZO, UNECE regulations, SAE standard and ADR rules on different illuminating and signalling devices for motor vehicles and other transport vehicles.

Our partner’s photometric laboratory is also offering and collaborating with Environmental and EMC test laboratory at same place.

The test reports issued are for E1 approvals with KBA (Kraftfahrt Bundesamt, German Approval Authority) or for E24 approvals with NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland, Irish Approval Authority). The test reports are also recognized by VSCC (Taiwan). Furthermore we also offer tests according to SAE and FVMSS108/CMVSS108.

Photometric Laboratory

Testing and Certification Services for your products

Sample ECE R148 Type Approval Certificate

Here is the sample certificate showing a type approval certificate issued by type approval authority (NSAI) for E24 marking. The product type is direction indicator lamp for this certificate. The certificate would consist of 3-5 pages, here only inital page is shown:

What do we offer?

ECE R148 testing services plus ECE R148 type approval certification services with our agreed test laboratories and authorized technical services. If you or your customer has any product falls under the scope of UN ECE Regulation 148, ask testing and certification service from Testups.

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