EMC Scanners

(EMC Scanners for testing Integrated Circuits and PCBs)

(for both emissions and immunity/Susceptibility tests)

Do you have ICs or PCBs and would like perform EMC tests for them?

With an EMC Scanner, you will be able to perform EMC tests for ICs and PCBs. EMC Scanners are great stations to perform emissions and immunity tests for integreated circuits and PCBs. Having an EMC scanner would shorten your product launch durations, and extend your EMC testing capability.

Let us supply your new EMC Scanner.

Contact us and send your application requirements.

EMC Scanners for testing ICs and PCBs

Send us your requirements, we will offer you best configuration of EMC scanner. If you need additional items like spectrum analyzer, power supply, please let us know. We can add them to your quotation.


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