Are you looking for engineering services to make your product compliance processes easier? Are you suffering from fail test results? How to pass compliance tests? Testups’ agreed engineers with experience of design review, testing, measurement, certification and troublehooting of electronic products will assist you to modify your existing product designs.

If you also need any engineering service related test instruments or chambers, Testups is able to assist you.

Testups engineering services are related to EMC, RF and Safety testing services, instruments and chambers. Share your requirements with Testups and ask a quote:

Our Engineering Services

With international network of expert consultants and engineers we offer:

Engineering Services for Testing

If your product fails any EMC, RF, Electrical Safety tests, do not worry. With our engineering services, we will help you to pass the failing test. Our engineering services can start any time, before testing, during the tests or after the tests. Reviewing test results would be much easier to find the solution shortly. Without any test result, we have to review design and technical files of the product which is under test or certification.

Engineering Services for Test Equipments

Do you need any engineering service for your EMC or RF test equipment? Does your test equipment needs some engineering support or repair? Contact us and send us your problem. We will try to find a solution for you. 

Engineering Services for Test Chambers

How to design a EMC or RF chamber? Do you need some engineering support to design your test chamber according to your product’s requirements? Our expert engineers are ready to help you.