Different types of field probes shown on the frequency spectrum

Field Probes are used for various purposes: Safety, EMF and EMC.

Field probes are classified into three:

1. Magnetic Field Probes

This type of probes are also known as B-Field and H-Field probes. B-Field probes measure the signals between 0 Hz to 1 MHz. Maximum frequency for H-Field probes may go up to 30MHz. If the signal is static (frequency is 0 Hz), this type of field probes are called Static Field Probes.

2. Electric Field Probes

In general, E-Field probes are used between 1 Hz and 40GHz. Maximum field level that E-field probes can measure is 20.000 V/m. Features of electric field probe we offer shown below:

Laser-Powered 3D E-Field Probe

The miniaturized 8.2 GHz 3D E-Field Analyzer LSProbe ensures unattended, uninterrupted measurements combined with high resolution, high speed and low noise over the entire test period. With the galvanically insulated power supply, the need for batteries is now eliminated. The field probe does not only measure average values but the time course of fields. With an unprecedented wide dynamic range and fast pulse response, LSProbe provides the user completely new measuring options. The LSProbe enables a higher efficiency through shorter and lower-cost testing intervals.

The LSProbe 1.2 system consists of the optically powered E-Field Probe and the Computer Interface shown above. The Computer Interface is connected to the host computer via USB 2.0.

The LSProbe TCP Server handles all USB communication. The LSProbe GUI and other third party EMC software access the LSProbe 1.2 TCP using SCPI commands exchanged via a TCP/IP connection.

  • Frequency range from 10 Hz – 8.2 GHz (Standard 10 kHz – 8.2 GHz)
  • Fastest sampling rate (pulse measurement)
  • Highest precision (resolution and linearity)
  • Widest dynamic response for entire frequency range
  • Rugged, eye-safe optical system
  • No warm-up wait – immediate measurement
  • User-centered terms of warranty and service

Variants of LSProbe 1.2 system

  • Variant E, standard, 10 kHz to 8.2 GHz
  • Variant F, low frequency, 10 Hz to 8.2 GHz
  • Variant G, 15 kV/m, 10 kHz to 8.2 GHz
  • Variant X, customized, extended field strength and frequency range

Download Datasheet of LSProbe 1.2 system

3. Electric & Magnetic Field Probes

Some probes are designed to measure both magnetic field and electric field.

Do you need field probe for magnetic field or electric field measurements?

We are offering magnetic field probes, electric field probes and electric&magnetic field probes with trusted field probe manufacturers. Send us your frequency and field level requirements and get your quote for appropriate models.