Different types of field probes shown on the frequency spectrum

Field Probes are used for various purposes: Safety, EMF and EMC.

Field probes are classified into three:

1. Magnetic Field Probes

This type of probes are also known as B-Field and H-Field probes. B-Field probes measure the signals between 0 Hz to 1 MHz. Maximum frequency for H-Field probes may go up to 30MHz. If the signal is static (frequency is 0 Hz), this type of field probes are called Static Field Probes.

2. Electric Field Probes

In general, E-Field probes are used between 1 Hz and 40GHz. Maximum field level that E-field probes can measure is 20.000 V/m. 

3. Electric & Magnetic Field Probes

Some probes are designed to measure both magnetic field and electric field.

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