EMC Anechoic Chambers

(Fully Anechoic – Semi Anechoic – CISPR 25 – for Radiated Emissions and Immunity testing – CISPR 16 compliant)

Do you have various products and suffer from outsourcing EMC tests? 

Is you current EMC Anechoic Chamber full enough?

With a new EMC Anechoic Chamber, you will be able to perform EMC tests in house, shorten your product launch durations, and extend your EMC testing capability.

Let us design, supply, install and validate your new EMC Anechoic Chamber.  

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Which EMC Anechoic Chambers we are offering?

1. Semi Anechoic Chamber (SAC)

We are offering semi anechoic EMC Chamber up to 30 meter test distance for full compliant EMC emission and immunity testing. These chambers are used for EMC testing for commercial, medical, automotive, military and education sectors. SACs have better performance for NSA, sVSWR and Field Uniformity.

Have a look at this 3 meter Semi Anechoic Chamber:

Semi Anechoic Chamber (SAC)

3m Semi Anechoic Chamber (SAC)


2. Fully Anechoic Chamber (FAC)

Fully anechoic chambers are used in both EMC and antenna chambers for test application which requires fully lined pyramidal RF absorbers on the ground and all inner walls.

3. Antenna Anechoic Chamber

RF Microwave Absorber Pyramidal foam cones or High performance Polypropylene Hybrid material are used in antenna chambers. Antenna chambers are used for performance tests of antennas. These chambers are mostly used by antenna designers, manufacturers, researchers and universities. 

We are offering turnkey solutions for Antenna Measurement Systems, RF Shield room, Anechoic Chamber and RF Absorber. How to make accurate EMI, EMC and Antenna Pattern Measurements?

4. MIL-STD-461 Chamber

Electronic products used in defense industry are tested according to MIL-STD-461.  

  • Up to 40 GHz
  • Fully compliant with ANSI C63.4, CISPR 16 and IEC/EN 61000-4-3.
  • Normalised Site Attenuation (NSA) deviation is better than ±3.5 dB between from 30MHz to 1 GHz. sVSWR deviation better than ±5.5 dB from 1 GHz to 18 GHz.

5. CISPR 25 Chamber

Electronic products used in automotive industry are tested according to CISPR 25. It is also referred by UN ECE Regulation 10 and ISO 11452-2 standards. CISPR 25 chamber is a RF-shielded semi-anechoic chamber providing an ideal environment for compliant CISPR 25 testing. Learn more about CISPR 25 Anechoic Chambers

Which Screened Rooms we are offering?

We are offering screened or shielded rooms which are screening RF signals for these purposes:

1. Control Rooms (of anechoic chambers),

2. Amplifier Rooms (of anechoic chambers),

3. RF-isolated meeting rooms,

4. Medical EEG Rooms,

5. High Voltage Test Laboratories.

For anechoic chambers, we are partnering with Diamond Microwave Chambers Ltd. With DMC, we are bringing you an experience of over 30 years in the RF & Microwave industry. 

Which tests are done in EMC Anechoic Chambers?

You can perform any EMC test inside an EMC anechoic chamber since the chamber provides you an RF isolated environment. However, EMC Anechoic Chambers are mostly used for radiated tests: emissions and immunity. 

1. Emissions

Emissions radiated from the tested product is measured inside the EMC test chamber. In order to perform these tests you also need emissions test system. For Radiated Emissions tests, test system consists of Antenna, RF Cable and Connectors, EMI Receiver and Test Software.

2. Immunity

During immunity tests, tested product is subjected to disturbing electromagnetic signals. For radiated immunity tests, the product is subjected to a uniform electric field. To create a uniform electric field, you need anechoic chamber. In order to perform these tests you also need immunity test system. For Radiated Immunity tests, test system simply consists of Antenna, RF Cable and Connectors, RF Power Amplifier, RF Signal Generator and Test Software.


How do we offer turnkey EMC Anechoic Chamber services?

We are simplifying to reach EMC anechoic chambers with partnering international and trusted design and installation teams. Our services starts with understanding your EMC requirements. Then we proceed with next steps till validation and instrumentation. We summarized our operations in 11 steps: 

1. We get the customer’s EMC requirements including their product details and applicable EMC test standards.

2. We prepare a quote including a design and details of the EMC chamber we offer and the contract. We sent this quote to the customer. 

3. We receive a purchase order and signed contract, showing our quote is accepted, from the customer. If necessary, we sign NDA with the customer. 

4. We receive pre payment to our bank account and start the project as offered on our quote.

5. We are visiting the site that EMC Anechoic Chamber will be installed. We are sending final version of the EMC Anechoic Chamber design to the customer.

6. We are supplying the items and equipments to the site.

7. Our installation team arrives the site and starts installation. At this stage we request on site technical assistance from the customer.

8. We affix and mount ferrite tiles, RF absorbers, turntable and antenna mast into anechoic chamber. 

9. Third party validation service provider makes performance measurements of the chamber we installed and issues a compliance report. Depending on contract, this service provider can be chosen by us or the customer. 

10. We get final payment to our bank account and deliver the designed, installed and validated EMC anechoic chamber to the customer. At this stage chamber is ready to use with other EMC tests systems.

11. If EMC testing instruments are also offered, we supply these instruments to the customer address. With this stage, we complete all of our services (design, supply, installation, validation and instrumentation) regarding the EMC anechoic chamber we offer. 

Above steps shortly summarize our operations, any of them can be customized if we agree with the customer. 

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We are offering design, supply, installation, validation and instrumentation services for EMC Anechoic Chambers as a turnkey solution.

  • Semi Anechoic Chamber (SAC), Fully Anechoic Chamber (FAC), Antenna Anechoic Chamber, MIL-STD-461 Chamber, UN ECE R10, CISPR 25 and ISO 11452-2 Chambers.

  • Worldwide installation.

  • Validated by third party, independent and accredited calibration laboratories. 

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