Do you want to filter power lines of your RF Shielded enclosures, rooms or anechoic chambers? Do you want use filtered power lines for your EMC, EMI, EMP, medical measurements?  We are offering Mil-Std-220, CISPR 17, MIL-STD-285, IEEE 299 compliant power line filters. Manufactured in China, distributed by Testups. Add power line filters to your anechoic chambers and RF shielded rooms for accurate measurements. We are delivering power line filters to your address in 6 weeks.
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We are offering filters tested per MIL-STD-220/CISPR 17, the measurement results shows “insertion loss” values of filters. Shielding effectiveness values of the filters are measured according to  MIL-STD-285/IEEE 299. 

The filters we offer are classified into A/B/C/D according to the performance level:

  • A: 100dB from 150kHz

  • B: 100dB from 100kHz

  • C: 100dB from 14kHz

  • D: 100dB from 10kHz

The number of lines of filters we offer can be :

  • 1-line

  • 2-line, Single Phase (1-Ph)

    • 4-line, Three Phase (3-Ph)

    Maximum current of filters we offer can be :

    • 6 A

    • 16 A

    • 30 A

    • 32 A

    • 63 A

    • 100 A

    • 200 A

    • 300 A

    • 400 A

    • 500 A

    • 600 A

    • 800 A

    • 1000 A

    • 1200 A

    Maximum voltage of filters we offer can be :

    • 250 V AC

    • 277 V AC

    • 480 V AC

    • 690 V AC

    • 10000 V AC

    • 12000 V AC

    • 250 V DC

    • 500 V DC

    • 1000 V DC

    • 1500 V DC

    Where can we ship power line filters to?

    We can ship power line filters to any state within United States, Canada, Ireland, Hungary and EU member states. For other countries, please contact us.

    How we ship to your address?

    After receiving payment and shipping details, we are arranging the package to be shipped to your address. You have two options: you can collect from our address or we can ship to your address via our FedEx account. Shipping fees are charged additionally, and are mentioned on quotations. 

    Warranty period of the power line filters we deliver

    24 months

    Do we supply customized power line filters?

    Yes, in addition to our standard filter types, we can provide you the filters as you require. Customize your filters by defining voltage, current, frequency and size parameters. Customized filters are designed and manufactured as you request.

    Model List

    Power Line Filters for Anechoic Chambers:

    Model Name / Order Code Description
    TPF282C-16 2×16A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF282C-32 2×32A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF282C-63 2×63A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF282C-100 2×100A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF482C-16 4×16A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF482C-32 4×32A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF482C-63 4×63A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF482C-100 4×100A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF282C-16/UL 2×16A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF282C-32/UL 2×32A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF282C-63/UL 2×63A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF282C-100/UL 2×100A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC

    Power Line Filters for Shielded Rooms:

    Model Name / Order Code Description
    TPF286C-16 2×16A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF286C-32 2×32A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF286C-63 2×63A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF286C-100 2×100A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF486C-16 4×16A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF486C-32 4×32A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF486C-63 4×63A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF486C-100 4×100A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF286C-16/UL 2×16A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF286C-32/UL 2×32A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF286C-63/UL 2×63A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF286C-100/UL 2×100A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC
    TPF486C-16/UL 4×16A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF486C-32/UL 4×32A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF486C-63/UL 4×63A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz
    TPF486C-100/UL 4×100A, 480VAC, 50/60Hz

    Power Line Filters for RF Rack/MRI Shielding:

    Model Name / Order Code Description
    TPF205A-30 2×30A, 250VAC/DC, 50/60Hz/DC

    Signal Line Filters :

    Model Name / Order Code Description
    TSF203-1 2×1A, 250VDC, 0-6MHz (Application: Fire Alarm)
    TSF210-1 2×1A, 250VAC, 0-100kHz (Application: Control Signal)
    TSF-T2 2×0.3A, 250VDC, 0-20kHz (Application: Tel/Fax)
    TSF-803 Max. 10Mb/s (Application: Network Signal)
    TSF-LAN100 Max. 100Mb/s Fiber-Optic (Application: Network Signal)
    TSF-LAN1000 Max. 1Gb/s Fiber-Optic (Application: Network Signal)


    Filters for Anechoic Chamber meets 100dB @(10~14)kHz-40GHz according to MIL-STD-220C / CISPR 17

    Filters for Shielded Room meets 100dB @(50~100)kHz-40GHz according to MIL-STD-220C / CISPR 17

    Position of both filters meets 100dB @14kHz-40GHz according to MIL-STD-285 / IEEE 299

    UL listed models has ‘/UL’ on order code.  

    For >100A or other special requirements, please contact us.

    Are you looking for power line filters for your test chambers and rooms?

    Fulfil requirements of your anechoic chamber or RF shielded enclosure. Use filtered power lines on your test sites for accuracte EMC, EMI, EMP, medical measurements. Send us your power requirements (AC, DC or AC&DC, current and voltage ranges) and Get Quote.

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