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We are engineers, experts and consultants specialised in electromagnetic compatibility, RF and microwave instrumentation, testing, certification and turn-key laboratory installations. 

We are collaborating with EMC, RF and Microwave test equipment and anechoic chamber manufacturers to provide turn-key test systems and solutions to the businesses, research institutes and universities. After understanding our client’s requirements, we are offering best test system configurations that fits them. We are delivering, installing test systems, equipments and anechoic chambers with our partner and expert teams for these industries: automotive, defense, medical, consumer electronics, wireless technology, and machinery. For our instrument calibration and on-site validation services, we are partnering with third-party, independent and accredited service providers.  We are also offering on-site or remote training services for the test instruments, test systems, anechoic chambers and RF shielded rooms that we install or deliver.

In addition, with our agreed and partner laboratories, we are providing testing and certification services for electrical and electronic products. We are partnering with pre-compliance and accredited testing laboratories located in United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil and South Africa. We are providing our testing and certification services to any country in the World. 

Our Locations

We have local offices in these countries: Ireland, Hungary, France, Malaysia and Turkey. 

Business Partners

Diamond Microwave Chambers (Canada)

SteppIR (United States)

Laplace Instruments (United Kingdom)

Lumiloop (Germany) 

Com-Power (United States)

EMZER (Spain)

Schlöder (Germany)

Solar Electronics (United States)


Customers by January 2022

Yusuf Ulas KABUKCU

Yusuf Ulas KABUKCU

Executive Director at Testups

Yusuf Ulas KABUKCU graduated with Electrical Electronics Engineering degree in 2004. With 17 years of testing, certification, instrumentation and laboratory experience, he is managing Testups. He has proficiency in Electromagnetic Compatibility, RF/Microwave, Product Certification/Testing, Project Management, Company Management, Digital Marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, Sales and Finance. He has experience in R&D and production of high-tech electrical, electronic products. Knowledge of clean rooms, lean production, SPC, FMEA, EMC and RF/MW. Maintenance and repair of microwave products and instruments. Laboratory management according to EN 17025. Knowledge of international test standards, certification, test&measurement instruments, automation and calibration of them. He is one of the members of IEEE and IEEE EMC Society. 

With Testups, we are helping organizations to reach EMC & RF testing products and services easier. 



Testups Ireland Limited is a registered company with registration number 634977, Tax ID: 3570537IH and EORI Number: IE3570537IH

Registered address: 22 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. D04 ED73 Ireland

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