Are you looking to conduct EMC, EMI, RF, Microwave measurements and in search of a portable and economical solution?
Do you need an isolated test environment? We offer Shieldex® RF Shielded Tents, renowned for their easy installation and excellent shielding effectiveness.
You can set them up yourself and relocate as needed. We distribute RF Shielded Tents exclusively manufactured by Shieldex.
These tents enable you to create an RF isolated test environment for precise high-frequency measurements.
Customize your Shieldex® RF Shielded Tent by defining the dimensions, filters, I/O panel, lighting, and any system.
The delivery time for the RF Shielded Tents is 8-12 weeks.
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Comprehensive EMC Solutions!

Shieldex® RF Shielded Tents are designed to provide an RF-isolated area for RF measurements and facilitate EMC testing in various locations, thanks to their pioneering mobility and quick assembly and disassembly.
Our expertise in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) guarantees the highest standards.
Particularly for EMC conformity tests, Shieldex offers solutions for EMC Pre-Compliance Testing during the development phase to address emerging issues early in product development.
This allows for early optimization and adaptation, saving time and costs in the subsequent development process.

Key Features and Benefits

Optimal Performance and Adaptability
Shieldex® RF Shielded Tents are lightweight, quick to install, and portable. They are made from special metalized fabrics, offering excellent shielding against electromagnetic fields.
These shielding fabrics consist of silver, copper, and nickel, with tin as an optional component, providing impressive electromagnetic shielding when combined.
The supporting structure of the tent is made of aluminum and can be personalized in its dimensions and accessories.

Additionally, numerous accessory options and expert support from Shieldex facilitate solving EMC challenges.

Through Pre-Compliance Testing, customers benefit from time and cost savings, and the tents’ exceptional durability without quality loss makes them ideal for demanding environments.

Shieldex® RF Shielded Tents feature Class 1000 cleanroom compatibility and are especially suitable for environments with the highest cleanliness requirements.

They provide reliable protection against interference in both low and high-frequency ranges, ensuring smooth operation of your activities.

Thanks to its robust construction and durable material, it offers consistent shielding effectiveness and high durability.

Its compact dimensions and lightweight design ensure that the EMC shielding tent can be flexibly and easily used at different locations.

Customized Sizes and Features

RF Shielded Tents according to your dimension and technical requirements

For various sectors

On-site installation services are also offered

Table Top RF Shielded Tents

We are not only offering huge sized RF shielded tents.

Table top RF shielded tents are also available.

If your equipment under test is smaller objects, this type of tents would be useful.

Quality matters!

Verified Shielding Effectiveness: Meeting and Exceeding Standards
To ensure your portable enclosure meets your RF isolation needs, shielding effectiveness data should be carefully scrutinized.
Shieldex utilizes the IEEE:299-2006 standard to verify the tents. Third-party testing reports with excellent shielding effectiveness results for the fully assembled enclosures at different locations within the tent at various frequencies.
A attenuation of an average of up to 95dB is achieved in the range of 1 MHz to 40 GHz.
The immunity of the material is also excellent. Field strengths of 600 V/m do not damage the textile.

Quality Assurance and Transparent Production Process
With Shieldex® RF Shielded Tents, you not only receive a high-quality product but also insight into every production process.
The procurement of materials is exclusively from the EU, and the manufacturing of the shielding tents is done in-house.

Test Report
Shielding Effectiveness tests are done by a third party and accredited laboratory. When sending your quotation, we are also sharing this test report with you. 

dB (Shielding Effectiveness)

V/m (max field strength)

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