Do you need a Handheld Vector Signal Generator?
We are offering Bird GeneHawk GH-60 Vector Signal Generator.

10 MHz to 6 GHz (can be upgraded to 300kHz to 6GHz)

Bring it wherever you need RF signal! Battery powered, AC to DC adapter comes with the generator. Generates and modulates RF! 


GeneHawk supports modulation of signals based on mainstream wireless communication standards.

It does not only include 2G/3G/4G mobile communication standards, but also supports IoT signal standards such as LoRa and NB-IoT.

Supports fast configuration to generate 5GNR modulation signal.

Supports control add AWGN signal on output Sweep Mode.

Sweep Mode

Using this function provided in GeneHawk, engineers can configure parameters such as start and stop frequency, frequency stepping, sweep power and scan speed.

Pulse Modulation

GeneHawk support pulse modulation, the pulse period and pulse width can be configured.

High portability and long battery life

Despite its small form factor,

there has been no compromise on GeneHawk’s battery,

allowing users to carry it around easily with a long usage period.

Support expansion and second development

Based on Android, GeneHawk allows users to install other applications according to needs, making it an open platform which allows second development.

Rich functionality for general digital modulation

Digital modulation is an important signal modulation method for modern telecommunications. It has better anti-interference ability and safety that allows an output of a variety of digital modulated signals.

Q1: What is output power at 5G?
A1: 5G output channel power is maximum 0 dBm.

Q2: Can the output BW be adjusted internally? To what extent?
A2: The bandwidth can be adjusted in GUI, with a range of 10 kHz to 100 MHz.

Q3: Do you have a spurious out-of-band spec? How far down in dBc?
A3: Yes, supported out-of-band spurious -55 dBc(CW).

Q4: When the unit is fully charged, what is the length of time before the unit starts to degrade or shutoff?
A4: Continuous transmit, max operating hours is 3.5 hours.

Q5: Does the unit come with a tri-pod mount kit or accessory?
A5: No, it does not have tri-pod mount kit but it comes with a transportable case.

Q6: Does the unit display wash out under the sun or is there is a contrast feature to adapt to bright outside environment?
A6: The display screen brightness is adjustable to adapt to different environments

Q7: What is its pricing level?
A7: GH-60 has several options and these options would affect final pricing. Basic unit, without any option is around $7k

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