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This free guide is prepared for the businesses, engineers, quality departments and test laboratories acting in automotive industry. If you have a product falls under the scope of UN ECE Regulation 10, the guide will help you to understand ECE R10, EMC testing, EMC test systems and ECE R10 Certification. The guide is updated on 25 January 2023 and Edition 1.5 is ready to download. On this new edition we made some minor corrections and added EMC test instruments used for testing of vehicles.

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One of the automotive EMC regulations: UN ECE Regulation 10. It covers more than 50 countries. UN ECE R10 compliance of electronic sub assemblies or vehicles are ensured by EMC testing, technical documentation, quality certification and production control. ECE R10 standard or regulation explains these processes and it is free to download. ECE R10 defines parameters for EMC testing of an ESA or vehicle by referring EMC test standards like CISPR 25, CISPR 12, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 61000-4-5 and ISO 7637-2. You will be able to check all aspects of latest version (Revision 6) of ECE R10 on this free guide. We will update the guide regularly if any part of the regulation or standards changed.

What will you find on this guide? You will learn essential parts of UN ECE Regulation 10 and you will find the answers to these questions:

What is ECE R10?

What is Unece Regulation 10 Revision 6?

What is ECE R10 Certification?

What is R10 approval or compliance? 

What is E-mark certification?

Which products are under the scope of ECE R10?

Which countries apply ECE R10?

Which EMC tests are applied for ESAs?

What is ECE R10 test report?

Which EMC tests are applied for Vehicles?

Which EMC tests are applied for Electric Vehicles?

What are immunity related functions? 

Which test instruments are used during EMC tests?

What is CISPR 25?

What are the steps for Type Approval (E-marking)?

Is ISO 17025 accreditation required? 

What is E24 marking?

What are differences between E mark numbers? 

Edition 1.5 of the guide is released on 25 January 2023. Enter your email address and download the updated free guide issued by Testups.

Essential remark for the previous editions (including 1.4): Harmonics and Flicker Emissions tests of ESAs other than electrical charging mode are removed on new edition since these two tests are only applicable for AC power lines and they are only applicable in charging mode. ESAs which has no charging mode are not subjected to Harmonics and Flicker emissions tests. If you downloaded previous versions, please take into this account and use the latest edition of the guide. 

Author of this ECE R10 Certification guide: Yusuf Ulas KABUKCU


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