Do you need Acoustic power amplifier, Micro acoustic power amplifier, High voltage power amplifier, Ultrasonic power amplifier, Underwater acoustic power amplifier or Power amplifier module? We are offering power amplifiers in this frequency range: DC to 25 MHz. 

Lead time of acoustic and ultrasonic power amplifiers is about 2-3 weeks (delivery time for some items vary)

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Acoustic & Ultrasonic

Power Amplifiers

Frequency: DC to 25 MHz


2Vp-p(±1Vp) to


ATA-L8 Power Amplifier

Frequency: 200Hz to 120kHz

Maximum Voltage: 1020 Vrms

Maximum Power: 1000 VA


You need to define your requirements for your power amplifier. Essential parameters are bandwith, maximum output voltage, load impedance, output waveform, maximum output current and the application. If you need any guidance to choose right power amplifier, please send us your requirements by sending us below details.

Bandwidth (Frequency)*: ___ Hz to ___ Hz

Maximum Output Voltage*: ___ Vp, Vp-p or Vrms

Load Impedance* (Capacitance / Inductance): ___

Output Waveform*: ____ (sine, square, pulse, and/or other)

Maximum Output Current*: ___

Voltage Gain (Fixed / Adjustable): ___

Input/Output Impedance (50ohm/high impedance):___

Input/Output Connector (BNC/SMA/Other):___

Number of Output Channels:___

Power Supply:___

Dimensions:____ (if you have any requirement)

Application / Research Direction*: ____

In order to help you to choose a suitable model, the asterixed(*) specifications are must.


  • 3-year product warranty, lifetime after-sales service available
  • 20% specification margins for product design
  • Numerical control of the voltage gain adjustment: 0.1 step/1 step/10 step continuously adjustable by coarse tuning or fine tuning
  • Impedance matching: high/low resistance switchable for the input/output resistance, which can match the mainstream waveform generators and arbitrary type of load
  • LCD display, simple operation
  • Substitute the imported brands
  • Samples are available for trial use
  • Customized service is provided
  • Quick delivery, off-the-shelf for standard products


Download Model List showing the power amplifiers we offer for your acoustic, ultrasonic, high voltage applications. This list only shows the power amplifiers within this frequency range: DC to 25 MHz. The list does not cover RF power amplifiers we offer, RF power amplifiers have dedicated page and list.

About Manufacturer of Acoustic & Ultrasonic Power Amplifiers: Aigtek
Aigtek is a leading high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of measuring instruments. The company is committed to the amplifier, wire harness tester, calibration source products as the core of the related industry test solutions, to provide users with competitive test solutions, Aigtek has become a wide range of product lines in the industry and has a considerable scale of equipment manufacturers. Aigtek company relies on the well-known scientific research institutions of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Northwest Polytechnic University to form a research and development team, with international advanced technology, and a large number of patents and technological innovation. The company has a number of experienced senior engineers, able to complete the development and production of various test equipment and test system.

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