Power Line EMI Filter – TPF486C-200-440VAC


4-wire, 3-phase Power Line EMI filter up to 200 Amperes. Rated voltage: 440VAC, Operating Frequency: 0-60Hz, Shielding Effectiveness: 100dB (14kHz-40GHz)

Technical data:
Rated Voltage:440VAC/250VAC
Operating Frequency:0-60Hz
Rated Current: 200A
Shielding Effectiveness:100dB, 14kHz-40GHz
Climatic Category:25/070/21
Assembly Parts:
M60 Conduit Screw:1pc
Gasket 60:1pc
M60 Screw Nut:1pc
EMI Gasket 60:1pc
Cable Gland M63:1pc

Datasheet: TPF486C-200-datasheet.pdf

Shipping fee: Included. Local taxes and import costs are excluded.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 960 × 365 × 188 cm


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