There are various regulations and standards related to electromagnetic compatibility of products used in automotive. We are listing and summarizing them on this page. 

UNECE Regulation 10 is one of the popular automotive EMC regulations since it covers both testing of vehicles and electronic sub assemblies for more than 50 countries. It defines both EMC requirements and type approval procedure. It refers to EMC standards like CISPR 12, CISPR 25, ISO 7637-2 and ISO 11451-2. 

Automotive EMC Regulations and Directives

Regulations or directives are mostly published by national or regional governmental authorities who are regulation the automotive industry.

Published by Regulation No Countries
UNECE UNECE Regulation 10 56 UNECE Member States
European Union Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 European Member States
European Union Directive 2014/30/EU European Member States
European Union Directive 2014/53/EU European Member States
Brazilian government Portaria 292 / 1985 Brazil

Standardization Administration of China (SAC)

GB/T 18487.2-2017 China
Standardization Administration of China (SAC) GB 34660-2017 China
Standardization Administration of China (SAC) GB/T 18655-2018
South Korea KMVSS Art 111-2 (2016) South Korea
Japan TRIAS 11(2)-J009R097R116-01 Announcements No 1203 and 1204 Announcements No 725 and 726 Announcement No 826 Announcements No 975 and 976 Announcement No 714 Harmonised with UNECE  Regulation 97 Japan
Japan TRIAS 17(2)-R010-01 Harmonised with UNECE Regulation 10 Japan

Thanks to Automotive Regulatory Guide of European Automobile Manufacturers Association for listed the regulations above.

Regulations are official publications and acts for regulating a local, national or regional market. Standards are published for more technical issues like technical requirements of the product, electromagnetic compatibility testing methods, levels and limits of the product.

Which standards are used automotive EMC testing?

A list of standards require EMC testing for automotive is listed below. 

Published by Document Number
IEC CISPR 25:2021
ISO ISO 7637-1
ISO ISO 7637-2
ISO ISO 7637-3
ISO ISO/TR 10305-1
ISO ISO/TR 10305-2
ISO ISO 10605
ISO ISO/TS 14907-1
ISO ISO/TS 14907-2
ISO ISO/TS 21609
ISO ISO 11451-1
ISO ISO 11451-2
ISO ISO 11451-3
ISO ISO 11451-4
ISO ISO 11452-1
ISO ISO 11452-2
ISO ISO 11452-3
ISO ISO 11452-4
ISO ISO 11452-5
ISO ISO 11452-7
ISO ISO 11452-8
ISO ISO 11452-10
ISO ISO 11452-11
ISO ISO 13766-1
ISO ISO 13766-2
ISO ISO 16750-2
ISO ISO 21498-2
SAE J1113/1
SAE J1113/4
SAE J1113/11
SAE J1113/12
SAE J1113/13
SAE J1113/26
SAE J1113/27
SAE J1752/1
SAE J1752/2
SAE J1752/3
SAE J551/15
SAE J551/16
SAE J551/17
SAE J1812
SAE J2628
SAE J2556
GM GMW3091
GM GMW3097
GM GMW3103
Ford FMC1278
Ford FMC1279
Chrysler DC-10615
Chrysler DC-11224
Chrysler DC-11225
Chrysler DC-11223
Audi Audi TL 82466
BMW BMW 600 13.0
BMW BMW GS 95002
BMW BMW GS 95003-2
Chrysler Chrysler PF 9326
FIAT FIAT 9.90110
Freightliner Freightliner 49-00085
Honda Honda 3838Z-S5AA-L000
Honda Honda 3982Z-SDA-0030
Hyundai Hyundai ES 39110-00
Hyundai Hyundai ES 96100-01
Kia/Hyundai Kia/Hyundai ES-95400-10
Lotus Lotus 17.39.01
Mack Trucks Mack Trucks 606GS15
MAN MAN 3285
Mazda Mazda MES PW 67600
Mercedes Mercedes A 211 000 42 99
Mercedes Mercedes AV EMV
Mercedes Mercedes MBN 10284-2
Mercedes Mercedes MBN 22100-2
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi ES-X82010
Nissan Nissan 28400 NDS03
Nissan Nissan 28400 NDS07
Nissan Nissan 28401 NDS02
Porsche Porsche AV EMC EN
PSA PSA B21 7090
PSA PSA B21 7110
Renault Renault 36.00.400
Renault Renault 36.00.808
Scania Scania TB1400
Scania Scania TB1700
Smart Smart DE10005B
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.1
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.2
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.3
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.4
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.5.3
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.5.4
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.5.5
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.6
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.7.3
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.7.4
Toyota Toyota TSC7001G-5.8
Toyota Toyota TSC7006G-4.4.2
Toyota Toyota TSC7006G-4.4.3
Toyota Toyota TSC7006G-4.4.4
Toyota Toyota TSC7018G
Toyota Toyota TSC7025G-5
Toyota Toyota TSC7025G-6
Toyota Toyota TSC7025G-7
Toyota Toyota TSC7026G-3.4
Toyota Toyota TSC7203G
Toyota Toyota TSC7508G-3.3.1
Toyota Toyota TSC7508G-3.3.2
Toyota Toyota TSC7508G-3.3.3
Toyota Toyota TSC7508G-3.3.4
Toyota Toyota TSC7203G
Toyota Toyota TXC7315G
Visteon Visteon ES-XU3F-1316-AA
Volvo Volvo EMC Requirements
Volkswagen Volkswagen VW TL 801 01
Volkswagen Volkswagen VW TL 820 66
Volkswagen Volkswagen VW TL 821 66
Volkswagen Volkswagen VW TL 823 66
Volkswagen Volkswagen VW TL 824 66
Volkswagen Volkswagen VW TL 965
German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) LV124
German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) LV148
German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) LV123