Electrical products shall be CE marked for European market. With technology, there are various new products in the market and specific CE marking standards may be required.

For robots and robotic devices ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) published a standard ISO 13482. Full name of the standard is Robots and robotic devices — Safety requirements for personal care robots. Click here to see a preview of ISO 13482 This standard specifies requirements and guidelines for the inherently safe design, protective measures, and information for use of personal care robots, in particular the following three types of personal care robots:

  • mobile servant robot;
  • physical assistant robot;
  • person carrier robot.

These robots typically perform tasks to improve the quality of life of intended users, irrespective of age or capability. 

ISO 13482 does not apply to robots travelling faster than 20 km/h, robot toys, water-borne robots and flying robots, industrial robots, which are covered in ISO 10218, robots as medical devices and military or public force application robots.

ISO 13482 is not the only standard for robots, there are some others. European Commission of European Union is informing the market thru its guidelines. One of these guidelines, specific to robots, is headed as EU product safety framework for advanced robots & autonomous systems. If you want to read this 16-page guide written by Felicia Stoica click here.

Manufacturers are responsible for safety of robots placed on the EU market. If you need CE marking and related tests for your robot, please contact Testups.