How to build a DIY RF Anechoic Chamber?

If you have time and RF knowledge, you can try to do it yourself RF anechoic chamber. We have listed three resources for you. Check them prior to starting your own anechoic chamber. 


”In this project, we built a low-cost anechoic chamber and antenna scanner, with total cost amounting to lower than US$3,000. The two were constructed as part of a senior design project and will be applied in the future to support the teaching of electromagnetics-related courses. As part of the project, two applications were implemented using the chamber: 1) 3-D imaging of buried objects and 2) near-field antenna measurement.”

Above sentences are the Conclusions part of the article titled ‘Construction of an Inexpensive Anechoic Chamber and Its Applications in Undergraduate Research’

Toan K. Vo Dai, Anh Thai, Tuan Phan, Ozlem Kilic, and Kevin Russo are the authors of this article. You can reach the article by visiting this IEEE page:


Basic Rules for Anechoic Chamber Design, Part One: RF Absorber Approximations


Do you need any material for your DIY RF Anechoic Chamber?

Ask any material related to your DIY RF Anechoic Chamber project. We are supplying RF absorbing materials, shielding panels, shielded cameras, shielded doors.