Product testing and certification is a mandatory requirement for most of the industries. Testing and certification processes are costly since relevant regulations require some technical tests and approvals. You can either perform these tests and certifications by yourself or outsource to an independent service provider. In both cases you have spent time, money and have technical information.

How can you reduce the costs for testing and certification of your product?

Starting from design stage of your product, you have to consider required testing and certification regulations. Of course, this depends on the market that you are in. For instance, if you want to sell your product to European countries you have to be aware of directives, regulations and standards of CE marking.

After learning required regulations, we highly recommend to test your product. These tests have not to be full compliance tests. In order to solve technical problems related to the product design, pre-compliance testing will save you time and offer enough time to launch compliant products to the market.

1. Learn Technical Regulations or Directives

2. Pre-compliance testing

3. Non Accredited Testing

4. Production&Testing Planning (product-test-product-test…)

Each tip has to be taken into account if you have a product to be tested and certification.

If your product is an radio equipment, you have to involve in testing processes earlier to verify your design and product.

If your design is not verified earlier, changing the design will be costly.

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